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For one, banks need to stay open slightly longer than 5 pm. I'm sorry but they must. Most everyone works these days and not everyone lives within driving distance of the bank on a lunch hour especially out here in the boonies. Time to find a better bank.

I tried to get my total bill from Holzer clinic but they have it divided between hospital and clinic and can't tell me whole bill. Why not? How frustrating.

Mostly I'm making this entry about my Dad and what he saw. He was out on the balcony this morning and a lovely red and black fox strolled on by. He was cruising through the yard when one of the neighbor's cats (yeah they don't believe in Indoor Cats back there) made a beeline for the fox and body slammed it to the ground. The cat proceeded to slap the shit out of the fox's face before taking off behind the tractor's car port. The fox gave chase. When dad saw them again this time it was the cat fleeing and a pissed off fox on its tail.

He didn't hear any sounds that one caught the other but who knows. Things you don't see every day.

Anyone else doing camp nano? Hope to see a few of you writing in April.

I'll also be doing the A-Z blog fest over on Jana's blog. I'm working on a few of the posts today.

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I don't have much to say (still very sleep deprived but I did manage to sleep more last night than the 3 previous nights combined).

Instead, before I put up the links, I have a question. I asked it on my FB and no one responded which might be for the best (or FB isn't showing me responses again). ANyhow, has anyone else noticed (I'm sure some have) that in MANY romantic subplots or full on romances, be they het or gay, the love interest for the woman (or guy) is some alpha male douchebag (Hell even the Simpsons has done a riff on this after Milhouse sees A Street Car Named Desire and starts treating Lisa like shit and she finally responds romantically to him and he's left wondering WHY).

Romance after romance I see the love interest treat her/him badly, be bullying and otherwise obnoxious but oooooo he's so smoldering hot, such a bad boy and in many cases they'll push aside the nice guy who's been sniffing around and go right for Mr. Emotional Abuse. How did this get to be such a standard? Why does it REMAIN so? I have no idea.

And now those links.

I haven't had time to read this thru but just from the opening paragraphs, I really have to thank Betty for this one because I REALLY need it. We've all heard me whining about this one. how to save a dying book.

and this one too staying alive with lackluster sales.

and yeah this too Emotional rollercoaster of revisions.

This one goes back to what I said last week about blurbs. book blurb stats. & book blurb writing.

strong narrative personality

5 bad tropes

common writing mistakes

I've written nothing at all nor edited crap this past week. This month is one giant wash.
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I had to get up ungodly early on a Saturday to be one of the judges in the Ohio Academy of Science Science fair. This is my university's first time hosting this and frankly I think we knocked it out of the part (almost entirely because of our biochemist's work on this project). We don't know entirely why Shawnee State gave it up (one of our closest competitors) but to me, this is great for our school and getting exposure. Everyone stepped it up (including our English department who showed videos for the parents while their kids were presenting their research).

To my shock there were kids as young as 5th graders in this. Man, we just didn't DO things like this back in my day. What a shame. From here they will move on to state competition. Many won awards and scholarships. I was paired with one of my very best and brightest students (who's been at the college since she was 14. I love her). Right off the bat things went sideways. I put my clip board down in the bathroom and some other judge walked off with it. Finally found it.

My student ally (who has done way more of these than I) went after these kids like a bull dog, a very polite one, but she's way tougher than me! We all had 3 to rate and critique. I had one botany and two eye physiology ones. The second one (who was right next to a 5th grader who made a case study of her own performances using her prosthetic leg) really knew her stuff. She was busy impressing the hell out of us. Suddenly, while my student and I were studying her graphic, she took two steps back and was on the floor. At first we thought she had stumbled over her too high heels. After a second I'm like well fuck, she's fainted. I get on the floor and gather her up. She wakes up fast and I can see my student (plus two male students of mine, all of whom want to go to med school go pale faced but want to help). I send them for water and juice, figuring a) it's hot and the poor nervous girl might have overheated b) she says she ate but it could be hypoglycemia.

I stay with her even though she says she's fine because I see she is not. She goes out of me again and I catch her before she falls. I get one of the other students to bring a chair but at this point she's twitching and the nursing instructor sees us as well. Neither of us can revive her. Her eyes aren't rolling under the lids so in spite of some muscle twitching I don't think she's having a seizure but it is possible. Her pulse is so thin and thready I have my student call for an ambulance. In fact we LOSE her radial pulse and have to find it in her neck. her hands are blue, her lips are grey and we can not get this girl back.

Thankfully someone found her teacher and she wakes up when she hears the familiar voice. By the time her parents are located she's thankfully not looking blue/grey any more and is talking (though her mom of course is so freaked out the girl nearly passes out again from the emotion). I tell their dad they should still take her to the hospital ( by now the cops and one of the athletic trainers are there too) because she did strike her head that first time. Later her dad hunts me down to talk to the hospital because I'm the one who witnessed the full episode. She was more alert when she was there and seems to be okay. I guess if you're going to have a major syncopal event, have it in front of a doctor and a nurse. My student said wow I'm not sure medicine IS right for me. That was too scary. My response was I'm glad you three were here and saw this because this is what it is like and this is mild, really. You need to honestly think about this stuff and make the best choice for you.

Thankfully the rest of the day was less traumatic though one student sat on the table and collapsed it and we were running majorly behind for who knows what reasons. Lunch almost very arrived and I think they made serious errors in it. they had exactly 2 vegetarian dishes instead of the half dozen ordered. There were twice as many chicken and turkey wraps as there were judges. I ended up eating chicken because while I prefer the veggies sandwiches I WILL eat meat. It was horrible full of cartilage.

But over all, it was a successful day.

Then I went to L's play tonight. It was her first time directing and she had a small role and my chemist friend TH had several roles. It was a 1930s detective radio drama and it was funny. I thought they all did a good job. The woman playing Lola, this was her first time on stage and she was really good. The fellow playing the lead is someone I know peripherally thru L. He's in every play mostly because he's one of the few men who try out, not because he's good. He was actually rather bad in this because he could read the script (because it was there as radio dramas would have the script) and he read so monotone. Still, it was probably one of the more fun plays I've seen them put on.

I didn't get what I waned for dinner either. I knew the Italian joint would be busy but it was more than an hour wait. I went to KFC to try that Carolina Gold...even more chicken strips full of cartilage.

And hey ALL my stories are on sale for 30% for at least a few more hours at Dreamspinner. Find it here.

Also for a very limited time Abney Park's e-albums are only 2$ I need to buy some here.

I managed four hours sleep last night. Whee.

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In 3 days. Still not tired. Oh my brain isn't braining but the body isn't getting the message. It's just loopy and weird.

Weird is a good word for the week.

We had the second interview for the new faculty member. I don't want to say more than that but damn they were both so good.

Last night I went to my friend's production of The Taming of the Shrew (Mom: you like that one, she's like you. Um...thanks Mom?). It was mostly students and they did well. Two of the three English profs that were in were AWFUL. It's like they've never even seen the play. My god. The other, my friend HD was very good.

I've had issues online today. I went to reserve my trips in Utah but the person I was going to use for the tours is suddenly no longer featured on viator so now I have to wonder why. Must investigate that. Then I saw one of my credit cards was overdue. I had a confirmation code for it so I was confused. I ended up with the nicest of customer service people. Somehow i paid one credit card twice and somehow last month it never gave me anything but the remainders of the month before leaving me with a huge bill now. Sigh.

I also learned, after instanteous rejection that Netgalley had an even steeper learning curve than I realized. I never saw the caveat where every unread book you have drags your percentage down until you review and that if you don't read it in a certain time, it locks off and you can't read it. I had to go find some of the graphic novels at the library so I could read it as publishers won't let you read anything unless you're over 80%. Lesson learned. Only ONE book at a time for me as I'm too slow with ebooks. And no more graphic novels because they don't image right.

Speaking of ebooks....Frustrated. Last week I saw a 'save battery' thing flash up on my ereader. I don't remember clicking it (but with the touch screen who knows) and ever since the screen is so dark I can barely read my books. I've looked all over and can't find how to fix it. I did find one place that said it was to 'save battery' but it's off.
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Yesterday, I woke up from a nightmare. I dreamed I was in one of those big house dreams of mine. It was in the woods, maybe upper Wisconsin or Alaska or something. There was a lot to the dream but I don't remember all of it. I was being tortured by a youngish man with dark hair. He wanted something I had, something important and valuable and antique. Actually more than one thing. One I know had been given to me by Aunt S2 and the other was in a box. I was trying hard not to even think about it because I was afraid he'd see it in my mind.

At one point he grabbed my bare foot and improbably my toenails were painted in orange and black checkerboards (as if I'd ever do that on a pedicure). WHen I wouldn't give up what I had hidden he bit off one my toes. I managed to get away and ran screaming to my friend to help me. the room she was in had a door with that thick white paint from decades of repainting and only locked by one of those sad hooks in a metal circle things you see in toilets after the original lock's been busted off. I told her to call 911 but the phone looked like it was encased in styrofoam. She only laughed at me. I'm not sure she was other than my friend. She acted like [personal profile] evil_little_dog but looked more like [personal profile] silvrethorn. That's when I realized she had hired the assassin to torture and kill me for whatever the hell it was I had. I managed to call the cops (but I had to call 1-911 to get a line out).

In the end I was minus a toe, betrayed by my friend and the thing in the bag Aunt S2 gave me was 'the most delicious sandwich in the world.' ALl this over a sandwich which was ancient and rotted. What the fuck brain?

Last night I took a two hour nap from 2to 4 and I've been up and jazzed, ever since. I'm still not really that tired. I'm somewhere beyond that, into lala land and the functional delirium. I did four hours of lab and two hours of class like that.

Not hungry either, just vaguely nauseous. My left eye is killing me as something happened that rarely has ever happened to me in the years of me wearing contacts. It rolled up under my upper lid and it took forever to get out. I'm sure I've scratched my cornea.

Kanda isn't speaking to me. He wanted fed the moment I got home. I didn't feed him (He's on a schedule) so he pestered and pestered me. I picked him up which just pisses him off. He sits on my lap every day but if I pick him up and put him on my lap the world is ENDING.

I won a cozy mystery from Penguin books via Goodreads and the beginning really put me off. I get that most cozies don't have a lot of swearing. I've no issue with that. I have many friends who don't swear (we all know I do but whatever). But in the book instead of just skipping the swears she's inserted nonsense that make the SImpson's Ned Flanders seem like a sailor. I'm really put off by adults calling each other boobyheads and other non-swears that makes it sound like everyone's on the Andy Griffith show. That's fine 50 years ago but now it just seems infantilizing.
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Or Spring Equinox if you'd like.
 photo spring_zpst1zfwiho.jpeg

Ohio is celebrating it by raining buckets. Whee.

I've been having tons of dreams that flee the moment I wake so I'm sleeping like hell and my blood sugar is WAY out of control up around 250-350 (I think it's my ovaries).

We interviewed the first of our two job candidates and that went well.

I'm working on fixing (and greatly changing) the first chapter of Blood Red. Now if I only had the energy to type in the changes.

I also ate questionable food and now I don't feel well.

I have nothing interesting to say so have some holiday music.

I found this one oddly empowering.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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It’s been a while since I’ve come up with anything cogent to say for Writerly Ways and that trend is continuing right along with my own despondency over my writing. At least selling that short story was a bit of a boost.

What I did want to talk about today is the business related side of writing. For one, do authors read directions or are we just so self centered we believe they belong to other people? I belong to a number of writing groups in various places online. About the only group that seems to actually follow directions is my old writers’ group which started by-mail 20 years ago (yes, I’ve been part of this group that long). Others just seem clueless but maybe willfully so. I have at least three groups that don’t allow promo except on certain days and yet there are people who post constantly in spite of repeated warnings (and I assuming bannings in some cases). I appreciate that we can’t just promo every day. I’ve been in groups I’ve either left or it fell apart because of constant promoing.

I belong to other groups where you’re meant to post snippets, you know like the now defunct seven sentence sundays. I can handle you going over a line or two. We all do. Then we have those who go over by ….well, let’s just say there are three or four paragraphs and I’m like do you not understand what a snippet is?

Apparently a lot of us don’t understand what flash fic is either but that’s a tale for another time. Either way, the above just makes me think you’re unprofessional if you’re constantly doing it.

The other end of the business is writing newsletters and blurbs. I think I mentioned a few weeks ago about those newsletters. I just got another one who said something along the lines ‘the people have spoken. I should have edited this before publishing it.’ (I had one a few weeks ago who said well I couldn’t afford an editor so I didn’t bother). You know, I think I would come up with another reason for why I’ve republished something. I haven’t read the books I’ve downloaded by these people (I got them from insta-freebie which I’ve more or less stopped doing when I downloaded more ebooks than I could read in three years). It just sounds like a stupid thing to share with your readers. As Jana I might talk about depression and how it affects my writing negatively. I’m not about to say I write passive pieces of shit that need chronic saving, even if it’s true (and sometimes it is). And worse, I just saw (literally 3 seconds ago) someone put it in their goodreads blurb, oh yeah btw this is republished to clean up all my typos. OMG.

I know that blurb writing is hard but it is necessary. It should be short. It should tell us what the story is about. I go to Goodreads every night and try to win books so I see a shit ton of blurbs. If I can’t tell what the hell the book is about after reading yours, I’m not even going to try to read the book for free, much less spend money on it (and that happens a lot, the blurbs that make no sense what so ever). If your blurb is 9 paragraphs long, you’ve probably failed. You’ve lost your reader before you’ve even lured them to your book. (Heaven help you if there are misspelled words, crap grammar etc in the blurb. If you can’t take the time to proofread your blurb, I’m going to assume your novel (especially if it’s self-pubbed) is equally bad). And your blurb shouldn’t be misleading. Lately, I’ve read books where the story barely resembles the blurb and I felt cheated because what the book was really about was something I wouldn’t normally read.

And now the weather Betty’s links (though having just listened to the latest Welcome to Night Vale I’m excited for the second book coming out this fall because it’s about Carlos. That was the problem with book #1. It was about side characters I could hardly care about.)

steal time to write.

The dreaded synopsis writing.

Things to consider when talking to an agent

Kurt Vonnegut on writing

redundant characters (one of the reason last year's nano is just lying there)

worldbuilding mistakes (I have to admit this one is a tad mean)

7767 / 100000 words. 8% done!

These are the same as they were three weeks ago because seriously my writing has been paralyzed. The less than 1000 words above were all a 300 word flash fic, editing behind blue eyes and pissing into the wind trying to fix Blood Red.

Splinters of Silver - editing nothing

Blood Red - restarted with chapter one. Kill me now. (3 fucking weeks later, I'm still there)

Steampunk Holiday -

2529 / 9000 words. 28% done!

Behind Blue Eyes - edited ch 7

Haunted Hocking -

3003 / 60000 words. 5% done!
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(Even though there's been someone there the last several years to suck the joy out of it for me).

I'll keep this short and mostly just share what I like best about the day: Celtic music.

It wasn't a good day anyhow. I felt horrible most of the day, exhausted, dizzy to the point I considered driving up to urgent care to see if I have another inner ear infection. Instead I went outside to find the car looking like someone dumped a Slushee on it. Yay for freezing rain. head desk.

The writer's group meeting in Athens was already canceled (good thing because the weather never improved) and I considered doing laundry but I just didn't have it in me. After I ate lunch and pissed about on the computer I felt better, enough to go out (now that it wasn't raining or otherwise being horrible) and went to the Sixth Sense for a milk stout and then on to Arch and Eddie's for dinner, passing on beer #2 as the rain had restarted.

By the time I made it home we were having thunder-sleet. Mom called me back (she had called earlier in the day) and said she was surprised I sounded so much better (so apparently I was quite ill this morning) and lamented that at 10 pm when nothing new was on TV the Star Trek BBCAmerica was running was Omega Glory. P.U. It was a good night to sit at home and watch the second to last Grimm and watching Sleepy Hollow drive off a cliff again.

Two things. One: some open calls for MLR I'm looking at the Witching Hour (and thought some of you might too). I have a basic haunted house idea but I'd like to build to All Hallow's Eve. I'm also not above cribbing from true hauntings. What are some of the scariest ones you've heard (also by all means, if any of these interest you WRITE!) I might even switch out my intended camp nano for this in part at any rate. I'm going to set it in that 16K pink house. open calls here.

And now the weather:

and this is my BFF from college's cousin's band!
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That's what the bones of my story is covered with, Behind Blue Eyes that is. It's one of my former nanos which I've reread in the past but I'm finally rereading now for a writers group and holy hell it stinks. I FINALLY did something vaguely creative tonight in butchering this piece of gas-bloated road kill. There is more red ink than black on these pages but it's one of those stories where the characters never shut up in my head (often filling it with stuff I know I can't use) and I love them so it's worth it to try and make this not stink.

I also turned in a 300 word flash fic and sent it in to Queer SF's contest. Thanks ELD for the help there. This is the most I've written in nearly 6 weeks. There's seems to be so little point in it.

I'm worried about my cousin's husband. His heart is exceedingly bad. I was shocked he survived the move from where we all grew up back home out to Seattle to be with his other son (their eldest lives here in OH but not near me). I still don't think it was a wise move (she didn't want to keep the townhouse once he passes which I understand but now you're in a new place that's going to remind you of him...) Anyhow his sister died this week and they're coming back out for the funeral. I will be surprised if he doesn't die at the funeral (hell I thought he was going to die at my grandmother's two years ago).

It's been a tense pissy week at work. The only good thing is mid-terms did what they're meant to: terrifying the failing students in to see me NOW while they can still save themselves. Instead of waiting until the last two weeks they're here now. But then I panicked when I realize I only have SIX labs left and I am totally fucked. We're SO behind. SIX weeks left. HOW???? SObs uncontrollably. I've been meditating to help with the stress.

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I stopped at this rest stop on I-70 to get some 2017 travel guides for OH. As I mentioned another time, I had made an off hand comment to ELD that maybe we'd enjoy living where we do since we're pretty much stuck, if we just accepted it. Not bad advice really but I wasn't doing that either, not really. I tried this last year but it didn't really happen.

I'm sure it won't entirely happen this time out either but I've circled a lot of things to do, both special events and things to see. I did one of them when I went to Ash Cave. I have plenty of more to tackle. Maybe friends would want to come visit if there was something more to tackle other than lounging in my shitty apartment.Maybe I'd hate it here less if I sampled some of the fun things there are to do, and there ARE fun things here, not to mention Columbus is an hour and a half away and Cincinnati 2 & 12 hours. Those are perfectly doable things. If I got out and hiked more for some of these I'd be better off any how.

I have been wanting to go to the Serpent Mound since I moved here. I haven't been since I was in second grade. SECOND GRADE! 40 plus years later.... It's only an hour's drive. I really have no excuse other than laziness. I know I'm returning to the Ohioana book festival and coming back poor.

I will do something. I've wasted enough time fighting it.

I thought this could be fun for Jana but only if I can figure out if you can still sign up. A to Z blogging challenge

I had a strange dream last night but sadly I only remember a tiny bit. I remember finding a secret room in grandma's house and talking with this woman with icy finger only to realize it was Emily Dickinson....
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They called about that procedure I was supposed to have at 8 AM and canceled. The reason they called me wasn't about my insurance but about the 800$ I would owe for the procedure and how did I want to handle that? Payment plan (as my HSA doesn't have the full amount in it). Then they put me thru to the people who do the scan so I can reschedule. that's when I learn that the original cancellation 2 weeks ago probably WASN'T my insurance as it was scheduled for friday at 1 and the tech is like we NEVER do it at one. We only do it at 8 AM as it takes hours to complete (well that should be fun). I bet it was schedule wrong and instead of admitting it, they put my ultrasound in that one pm time slot (which is where it probably should have been from the beginning) instead of 8 AM the next monday.

Then my insurance called me about my medicare claim and I lost my shit. That's the Dana in TEXAS you fuckwits. I think I scared the hell out of this rep. She promised to fix it. 40 minutes later my insurance calls back to say it's fixed. That medicare plan is off my insurance. Who wants to bet they deactivated MY insurance and not the one in Texas?

Then tonight I get to CVS to find I owe nothing on my meds (which also means I would NOT have owed 800$ if I can that procedure this morning like I was supposed to.) It means I've already spent 3000$ in health care since the first. My life sort of sucks.

I came home and felt too wasted to do anything. And oh, my office at work is trashed because they needed into the access panel for the HVAC for the building which is in my office. Rather than tell me that so I could have moved the stuff out of that corner, they have it shoved everywhere which is where it is staying until a)I know it's over and done with b) mid term grades are due on Wed so I have to finish putting in grades before I fix that mess.
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Last night I went to my brother & SiL's and we played cards all night. If you didn't see last night's Graham Norton go see if you can find it. He had less stars on than usual, just Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, (for Logan's release, which everyone has said is fantastic) and surprised them with Ian McKellan. It was funny, raunchy (we talk about Sir Pat's dick) and the tenderness between Pat and Ian is amazing.

today we traveled home with no problems except in Steubenville at the beginning of the journey. They have the ramp closed to the bridge over to 22/30 to Pittsburgh. You have to go down the road about 5 miles and turn around (on a well marked detour). This idiot in a van goes around the barricade, nearly slams into me and the guy in the lane next to me so he could get around the road closed sign and go up the ramp.

I get here to find just what I feared a message from my surgeon's office asking me to call. (yeah thanks for not calling my alt number which is the cell). I was SUPPOSED to go in for my hidascan on my gall bladder at 8 AM. The last time Rita called it was because my insurance hadn't cleared the scan. Remember me mentioning i called on Monday and got a snotty answer 'well it's on the books so of course it's on) from the tech. I KNEW I should have called on Friday to triple check. There is no way I'm getting up at 6 AM after fasting for 12 hours (that's not a problem) and driving 25 miles (on a day I don't work until 230) to find out i can't have the scan especially if the techs doing it don't know it's not cleared. I have NO idea when they'll be in the office in the morning (because the message machine doesn't say) so I left a message to cancel it. IF I get up early enough I'll call down there but whatever. I can't see the surgeon until APril anyhow. And if my insurance has said no they are SO getting an angry call because they've been paying all this shit for the woman in Texas.
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Happy 20th anniversary Buffy HOW can it be 20 years ago? that amazes and saddens me just a little. Honestly, I didn't love it immediately. I found it silly and I was so busy with my medical practice, I didn't have time to waste on things that didn't capture me instantly.

[personal profile] evil_little_dog asked me if I were watching it, prodded me into giving it a second try. By then it was in syndication. this time I feel in love with it. I didn't write fanfic for until four years later. Here, have my first Buffy fan fic. Flowers in Moonlight

I owe a lot to Buffy fandom. Half of you here with me on LJ are here because of Buffy. Many who have come and gone since then came because of the fandom. Life's been more interesting and more fun because of you!

We had a proper snow today. It was nicer in the morning but I couldn't get out there until later when much of the snow had melted off the trees. Sigh. I did get a lot of pictures. And if you want to know why I'm SO hesitant to move into town, this might explain why. Half my life I've lived like this.

side yard  photo DSCN0098_zpszpqlesgr.jpg

bottom of the drive -  photo DSCN0099_zpsxebgllwm.jpg

forsythia in snow - photo DSCN0100_zps0mtbgzxu.jpg

other side yard -  photo DSCN0106_zpstdyqzf36.jpg

Rainbow and Iktomi's tree -  photo DSCN0109_zpsyshu3cjd.jpg

heading into the field  photo DSCN0110_zpsqviekwqs.jpg

Along the trail  photo DSCN0111_zpslmwuevbb.jpg

Stunned trees  photo DSCN0115_zpsgqson0gz.jpg

 photo DSCN0118_zpsxhfklcg0.jpg

frozen cherries  photo DSCN0123_zps0mrs216w.jpg

I've reserved my hotel room for my conference over Memorial Day. I'll be staying here . It's a block away from the con and 80$ cheaper than the con hotel and I get to stay in a historic hotel. You know how I love that. I've spoken to the tour guide I plan to use. I'll have to take the damn train and haul my luggage again because there are no hotel shuttles and the shuttle service online that does go from the airport to the hotels but in my area they only send a limo for 170$, bwahahahha I'll take the train for 2.50.
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Finally really left the house with Mom to shop. Everywhere. All day. Well okay half the day. We hit Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Goods and Costco. Costco is a danger to my pocket book. It's probably for the best that I don't have a chest freezer because I'd be screwed.

I did find two really cute shirts at Macy's, one with a cat and dragon flies on it and another with a vine heart and birds. Now I need to go home and remove two old items from the closet.

I was so good at Home Goods (another dangerous store) I only got some honey and organic cocoa powder.

I also got my picture taken at AAA so I can renew my passport.

I also introduced my parents to Ghost Brothers. I wish I got Destination America on DISH. I can only see it when I'm home. They're three African American friends who are ghost hunters (and adorable and so damn skittish).

We ended up picking up Dad and went to a new to us Greek restaurant. Gyros. YUM!

I'm supposed to go to my BFF's house tomorrow but now it's supposed to snow like 3 inches. Sigh.

And my writing is slamming repeatedly into a brick wall. Sigh.
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Frankly I felt more depressed than empowered by this. With information like it'll be another 169 years before there's true international equality, it's hard to be optomistic.On the other hand Iceland is making it mandatory, equal pay for men and women and it turns out so does Minnesota. Hmmm I could live there.

As I'm on spring break, I couldn't take off work. I didn't even leave the house. The closest I came to solidarity is to wear my red fuzzy socks. We did taxes. My refund is very nice nearly 1500. I hope my student loans enjoy it.

There is good news. I am a bit surprised to be truthful. Conned was picked up for an anthology so my elves at an anime con will be seen. And it's a new to me publisher so that's good too. Branching out can't hurt.

And mom and my aunt want me to buy this
Pink Lady

It cost less than what I planned to spend on a car. Honestly I'm not sure WHY it's this cheap. Sure Wellston sucks and yes it obviously needs a new roof and paint on the outside, the inside isn't nearly as trashed as I expected for a house this cheap. Honestly I am curious as to why it is so cheap. Yes the floors are in need of redoing and some of the wallpaper will make your eyes bleed but that is comestic. Does it have a cracked foundation? Did a triple murder happen here (Mom: who cares? You like ghosts).

But seriously [personal profile] evil_little_dog & [personal profile] silvrethorn HAVE to see the carousel horse wallpaper (Mom says I have to leave it if I buy this). It could be tempting. Yeah it could have lead paint but it's not like I'm going to eat it. There has to be a reason you can't get a loan for it. It could be a fun place, I love the floors in the living room and those fire places.

I've started pulling together my trip to Salt Lake City. I'm very limited in when I can fly because anything other than going out tuesday and back the next tue/wed is literally 600$ more than if I do those days. Yikes. I'm not excited for this trip at all.

ETA Thanks to Betty for this Nevertheless She Persisted anthology an anthology of SF lady authors on the titular theme.
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So we went to the casino today. I did terribly until the end. Lucky Uncle, well let's just say he put a 20 in while I was talking to him and when I walked off two minutes later, he was at 335$. Later, after dinner, he went from 100$ to 800$ and then he wandered off and won 1200 ten minutes later.

I, on the other hand, was grateful for the cigarette smoke to hide the stench of failure wafting off of me. I lost and lost. Finally I hit a bonus on the lucky devil machine where you have to pick a fireball and I got into the highest paying, hardest to win category then pick a gem and I picked the one that said you win ALL the other gems so I got back about a third of my losses. Then I was playing the sea monkey game and got 8 free spins then won another 9 spins within that spin and five times the win at the end and ended up winning back another third so not as bad as it could have been.

The buffet wasn't quite as good as usual but it was a tuesday.

I've been reading Stephen King's the Gunslinger for a challenge which was reread something from your childhood. It took him 12 years to even get this first book out. Makes me feel a little better. I'm getting more and more sure I never read this before. I think I read this briefly to 'fit in.'

Back in h.s. I tried watching a soap opera because all the other girls did and I thought it might help to have something to talk about. It might make me more popular. Yeah that didn't work. I didn't give two shits about Luke and Laura and the girls still hated me. So I tried again with my own people, the geeks. I know they loved Asimov's Foundation series, Dune, Dungeons and Dragons, the Dark Tower series and Tom Baker's Dr. Who. Turned out I only liked D&D. I remember liking Dark Tower but I think now a) I skimmed at best because this isn't at all familiar b) it rather sucks frankly, c) I faked it like I did with everything but D&D because if I didn't have the geeks to talk to, who would I talk to?

Anyhow this is the worst most misogynistic thing I've ever read by King and I know for a fact a lot of the people who loved this were women which surprised me.
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It was a nice easy drive. The only trial was in my own place. I used the little electric broom on some litter spillage and it toppled over and slammed into Kanda who had been hunkered on the throw rug whining about his fate (He knew he was going in the box because the bedroom doors were shut).

I'm lucky. I almost couldn't make the trip. Huge swaths of 32 and 50 were flooded just two days ago. I think I drove thru 80 miles of mud. I wish I had a dash cam to catch all the new lakes.

My parents have spent the winter revamping the house. THey've painted the master bath a beautiful slate blue, the main bath has a cool new spigot and the kitchen has a super cool new fridge and stove. They're metallic and reflective and Kanda is fascinated by his reflection for the first time ever.

I've spent the evening grading all the things and ruining their spring break.

now if only my sugar will behave. It was nearly 300 this morning and 400 now. WTF.
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Yeah I have no idea how it's already Spring Break. It's not off to the bestest start. It was another night of not sleeping thanks to brain racing and more importantly PAIN. My back and hip feel like someone has been pounding on me.

I ended up stuck at work for 2 hours longer than I should have been which meant I got nothing packed in the car, nothing packed period. I barely had time to get the laundry done and I ended up LATE to Arch and Eddies which is death on a friday. Thankfully I had invited L and BB and TH to come and they got there in time to get us a table.

Dinner was good, the company better. And then DM (the third biologist) showed up with her husband and the head of IT strolled by too. Then we all went to the brew pub next door and DM followed. IT King was already there as was my provost and dean! We were all thinking the same thing: kill time before the student art exhibit opened at the Markay Theater. I'm SO glad this brew pub opened up. THey know their stuff.

The hipster bartender is obviously a student that NONE of us remember but he called us all by first name (so now that's going to drive me nuts). I had the scotch ale which was superb, dark, strong but not the least bit bitter. Then I had the lemon blueberry shandy, which was a mix of lemon blueberry lemonade and the hefewezien. Yum! The brewmaster stopped over to talk to me. Nice. Let me tell you a lot of beers are bitter and hard to drink but so far all of this tastes like beer should.

The art show was nice and two of the men who rescued the Markay (an art deco theater) talked to me and told me that it nearly had been torn down to make a parking lot. god. It's a beautiful place that took 2 million to finally repair but now we have music and theater almost every weekend. I love it even if I don't get to go often. I really liked a couple pieced of the art. We do have good art students. I ended up in a group picture that'll probably be in the paper and took a selfie with a Sam Spade standee. I haven't looked at it yet.

On the bad side, I'm nearly worthless. It took until 1230 to finish dishes and half pack. I'm exhausted and I haven't finished grading the mid terms so I guess that's coming with me. BUT on the scanned portion of the test on reproduction and immunity the class average was 62 percent. I have THREE Of them that scored 25% including one who I saw was trying to cheat but was looking on a student that had the worst score last time and it's been so long since I've seen her, I thought she had dropped.
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As always, I love talking books/movies so if something interests you, let's chat! * = 4 stars or more.

Book:The Big Book of West Virginia Ghost Stories True hauntings *

Book:Zero- G SF

Manga: The Ghost and the Lady, Book 1 historical urban fantasy *

Manga:Noragami: Stray God, #12 urban fantasy *

Book:The Sleeper and the Spindle fantasy, fairytale retelling

Book:Murder 101 mystery *

Book:Fish & Ghosts paranormal, LGBT, erotica *

Manga: Black Butle# 23 & Blue Exorcist, #16 urban fantasy *

Yeah didn't read much...or watch much either.

Noragami Stray God Season 1 urban fantasy *
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The horrible storm kept me awake all night. I got out to the car at 730 AM to find out the 80 mph winds drove the rain right into my car. The door is soaked. My driver's seat is saturated. Ditto the gear shift. Logs were jammed up all over its undercarriage. I put in an insurance claim just in case.

The flooding was horrible. Half my students couldn't make it. We had to close one of the branches then about an hour into my lab I get texted. Keep the students in my room because a tornado is coming. Luckily it's the computer lab, inner room, no windows.

THen I spent my entire two office hours on the phone with United Health Care an Med 4 Home diabetic supplies trying to get them to fix the other Dana's account which Med 4 Home had discovered that UHC has made it so any of the other Dana's medicare claims go onto MY insurance. The poor woman from Med 4 Home said she'd already been on the line before this with them for an hour a half. We couldn't get them to see the problem. They told me the same thing they always do 'we'll look into it.' and kept insisting that med 4 home was billing wrong. Pissed that woman off and I kept explaining HOW can it be med 4 home if literally every doc this woman sees is billed to me. I HAS to be an the insurance end not to mention a major violation of HIPPA and a few other rules. They still refused to see it. I hate these people.

I did manage to get home though it's a muddy mess as the creek crested all over but luckily NOT into my kitchen. There are shingles torn off all over the damn place. Probably going to start raining in my apartment again. My office is raining hard.

The only good thing today was I signed up for Camp Nano. Who's with me?


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