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So I take off the entire day to go to a crafting party at MKF's house in Chauncey (not pronounced like you'd think because it's here....) This ended up being slightly angst ridden for me at first. I had TWO bags of fucking beading supplies on my futon and a literal shit ton in the closet. I have so much I don't even know where to begin. I found a box from Fire Mountain Gem from four years ago that I never even did more than cut open. Nothing inside had been opened. I jammed it in the bag along with two half finished projects and huge amount of pendant focals.

At the party I sat for at least 40 minutes just going through the box going what the hell happened here? It was all marble. No wonder it weighed a ton. It took almost a full hour before I did anything. See, depression is more than just 'sadness' it's the inability to focus as well. Finally I DID finish one thing which was done but I was having issues getting the stupid clasp on it. They had a good suggestion for that which worked.

So here it is. I call it Time Flies.  photo DSCN0026_zpsebz0i99z.jpg

I started fixing one of my broken necklaces. I had started it on a heavier wire this time but pieces were missing so I decided the broken strand and it's twin (still intact) needed changed out. I put on some of the marble and then found the shells pieces I originally used. Changed it out again. Crimped on the wire...and it broke. Fuck you.

Got new unused wire. Rethreaded it. Crimped. Wire broke. OMFG. Got new wire, rethreaded, crimped. BROKE. I hate you life. Then realized the issue. The crimps were too big. MKF gave me some smaller crimps. FINALLY got one side done. I've the other side to do.

Still have 500 pounds of marble beads.

 photo feb list_zpsi4ik15zn.jpg

#13 25 songs I've last listened to. I decided to play with this one and break it into a few days worth of posting because why just list 25 songs. Let me share the music. Also I mostly chose stuff I'm youtubing rather than the last 25 songs I've heard.
music )

#17 compliments I want? WTF? How weird is this one? Okay tell me I did a good job. Tell me I'm worth while. And for once in my life I'd like to hear a man tell me I'm pretty (who isn't my Dad's age).

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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that is so wrong but please tell me again how global warming isn't real. I miss snow. Though I really like it when it's in the 60s.

I got my airbags fixed in the car. It was a recall deal so it was free. But everything else was ridiculously costly because a) I can't be trusted in TJ Maxx B) in the booze section of Kroger's c) it was lobsterfest and d) holy shit my make up is pricey. Yeah it lasts half a year but still....

TJ's had too many fun food things, chestnut spread? Also I got an amazingly cute purse with a jillion pockets and I didn't even know until I got home, it's made 100% from recycled plastic bottles. Love that. I'll take a picture of it.

My hand is murdering me.

Speaking of murder, I was having the weirdest dream when the alarm went off. I was me in this dream with no idea where I was. I was with a man who had a burn scar on one thigh and had just been sliced open on that leg. The man who did it was trying to kill him. We were somewhere like a dressing room, public bathroom or something. The man trying to kill us all. He had this girl, maybe 20-25 years old with wild make up and purplish hair. He gave an ultimatium to me that I don't remember but he also promised to kill her. She was begging me with her eyes to save her but he blew her head off in front of me and she dropped, making these little sounds. Then he sliced open another woman's arms, stitched them together and dragged her around by the stitching while I tried to help the other woman who didn't die from her head wound, at least not immediately.

Probably glad the alarm went off.

 photo feb list_zpsi4ik15zn.jpg

Day #16 things people might be surprised to learn about me? Honestly I have no idea. I'm fairly open. Did you know I tried to get three degrees at once while working three jobs and while acting in 3 plays a year, being in three bands and was an officer of my sorority?Did you know that the competition in the 80s was so bad for med school that I got exactly two interviews and was cut from my first choice and went to podiatry school on their rec?

that I saw my first ghost when I was still in grade school. or that I can't even remember the last time I went on a date. Or that I'm still bitter and jealous that my brother was allowed to go to Spain in h.s with the same club I was in which was going to go to Italy but I WASN'T allowed to go.

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I bought my ticket to my annual the last day for the early bird. Boy it's getting pricey (who needed that 450$?) At least I have 200$ in vouchers for the plane after how Southwest screwed me this past summer. And they've announced next year's conference location. It's ....Columbus Oh. Oh whoopie. I should at least take a student to that one.

I'm cementing my research project for next year too.

[personal profile] evil_little_dog challenged me to write 300 words tonight. I DID.

 photo feb list_zpsi4ik15zn.jpg

The people I work with? I talk about awork all the time. The people I work with are pretty supportive and helpful. They're my only friends here other than my steampunk and writers group. It's a good group to work with. I'm lucky.

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 photo feb list_zpsi4ik15zn.jpg

#7 Something I learned this week, that I am not nearly as marketable as I thought I was. Today we interviewed two of the four candidates we plan on interviewing. It feels weird to feel like I'm in control of their futures. But my god, they are literally so overqualified for this job it's pathetic. The ONLY thing that sells our school is that they're both from small town OH and want to return to same (one even routinely vacationed here in the Hocking HIlls.) I feel like an uneducated yokel by comparison. I know this isn't true but NOT being trained in research makes me less desirable as a professor.

I also learned that I don't take my own advice much. I had said something a few weeks back to [personal profile] evil_little_dog about letting go and accepting where we are now even if we don't really want to be there. I believe that's true but I realized that I haven't done that much myself. I tried this past year when I made plans to play tourist in my own area but didn't do it. Even if I don't write this contemporary novel with ghosts (I haven't written in days), I'm learning just how beautiful the Hocking HIlls are. I'm letting go of some of my despair over being here for a fucking decade and am trying to learn to find things to like here.

It is not easy.

I'm skipping #13 for now. #14 what do I hope to be doing this time next year? As much as I'd love to say a new job I know that isn't going to happen. I'd like to have seen a new state or country by then or both. I want to be celebrating the sell of another novel. I want to have another 2 novels finished. I would like to be less than I am now weight wise. I'd like to own my own house even though I suspect that will be a mistake.
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I had graphics but eh, they're on the other computer and I'm not exactly thrilled by the holiday. I did get to talk about penises all day (guess what chapter I'm in in class..) I made myself some shrimp fajitas with fresh Mexican cheese and honey-lime pineapple. I put a wee bit too much pineapple in but it was yummy.

Work was stressful so let's just leave it alone.

That cute house zoned business turned out to be a typo. It isn't Hamden OH. It was Hambden, near Cleveland, sigh.

The weather is out to murder me. 60 yesterday, snowed overnight, 55 today, going back down to cold tonight. Every part of me hurts.

I finally 'finished' Blood Red enough to send it to the beta readers. Yay for that.

and yes I'm skipping the meme tonight. I'm a bit tired so...

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....that I was apparently wasting her time. Not the most friendly doc (and on the board of my university). So you have a hernia? So what? That's only cosmetic. But doc I feel things catching in it and she still wasn't impressed. She was more excited about my gallbladder. gave me a diet I won't follow (No eggs, no soup, no veggies or fruit unless cooked to oblivion, well outside of the fibrous fruits/veggies, none of those cause me issues) So next week I have to have a ton of testing on the stupid gallbladder.

Got home to find mom had gotten me a dozen chocolate covered strawberries and a cheesecake trio. Yay.

 photo feb list_zpsi4ik15zn.jpg

Day 6 the smartest people I know. I have no idea what to put for this. I work with a ton of smart people. Most of my friends are smart. I read a lot of smart people's books. And yeah I literally have no interest in this one....

I'll save Day 13 for another day because I can't even think of the last 25 songs I've listened to and they're on the other computer.
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Today I managed to get food and then spent the day sitting and staring, no reading, no writing, no working, no tv watching, nothing. Yeah, not depressed or anything. Sigh.

It started when my phone rang before 9 AM on a weekend. First thought, who is gonna die when I catch them? Answer [personal profile] evil_little_dog who dialed by accident. Did you get that door fixed?

this house helped to depress me. While overpriced for Hamden, I really loved it....until I saw it was next door to a used car lot but I thought that was okay until I saw it was zoned business. What a WASTE of an adorable bungalow.

Tried to pay my phone bill using their automated payment's their phone number but they have it BLOCKED. What the holy fuck?

My dad sent me and Kanda a Valentine day card. I sort of cried.

 photo feb list_zpsi4ik15zn.jpg

Day #5 5 greatest experiences: Hmmm, escaping high school, graduating medical school, having my first medical practice, selling my first novel, getting to explore all the wonderful places I've visited (London, Wales, Victoria, Vegas). I'm sure I'm supposed to expound on it but if I can't do more than sit and breathe all day what makes you think I have the capacity for that.

Day 12 - What do I find romantic? Ha, judging by reviews of my romance novels, not what anyone else does. I would love to be whisked away on a vacation, and not some boring lay around on the beach vacation. Take me some place I can explore, historical sites are great, take me to a castle and let's find a neat place to eat.
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No lie I'm struggling with this one today. I had a plan. I knew what I wanted to do then I got into a conversation with a friend in my genre and ran up against the I was told I can NOT submit anything but contemporary any more. Wow, it just takes it directly out of you. Pretty soon the only way to get LGBT stories out there will be self pubbing. That's not necessarily a bad thing but damn, it's so hard to wrap your head around how many hurdles that have been thrown out there for fantasy/SF authors who want to write m/m or f/f in the last year.

So what I'm going to do is take it as my call to action on my Non-Jana stuff! Let me practice the acceptance part of mindfulness. It's too easy to sink into depression but I need to remind myself I have no less than three finished novels and one that's half done. The best of the lot is easily Splinters of Silver and Cold Iron. I have reams of comments from my writers group from years ago, still lying there because that's about when Jana took off.

Anyone want to hold my hand as I get into this, editing this, blowing off the dust like I promised myself I would and really seeing if I can get an agent and get something going with this book? Or at least prod me here on LJ to comment more on it?

My plan right now is to a) finish revamping Blood Red b) finish the steampunk christmas story since it's wasted effort if I don't. And THEN get into editing Splinters while I work on Cassadaga Nights and Conned (as again, done, no sense wasting effort) and noodling around on the two started novels Jana has. I want to try and balance this better if I can. I just need motivating and man I'm looking forward to Camp Nano because I do so much better with competition or at least someone who wants to write 100 words with me like we've done in other challenges.

I do have links again today (Thanks Betty)

author discoverability something I need to come back to once I'm not at the edge of tears.

why reviews matter seriously do. I know most of my flist is made of readers. Review those puppies.

how to find reviewers (of the professional nature)

writing pain I loved this one and it highlighted one of my pet peeves, the injured character being good enough for sexy times about an hour after a grievous injury.

not writing for writers

Your own something special

Yearly Word Count -

5072 / 100000 words. 5% done!

Splinters of Silver - editing nothing

Blood Red - finished the full revision, working on trouble spots

Steampunk Holiday - scribbled something on paper

Behind Blue Eyes - back burnered

Haunted Hocking -

2129 / 60000 words. 4% done! (i.e same as last time but I did write a bit on paper.)
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I'm not sure if I spent the last 24 hours fighting off a stomach flu or what. I didn't feel sick today but I was exhausted and did almost nothing. I probably could have fallen asleep if I ever stopped moving.

In fact the only worthwhile thing I did was find my missing Blood Red Roulette scene. I was very happy about that!

I also had the craziest pee dream (I slept nearly 6 hours straight, so yay for pee dreams to wake me up). I was traveling with my parents and I was much younger than I am now, thinner too. I made them pull off at a rest stop. I started crossing the parking lot, barefoot of all things. Snow or sand (I'm thinking the latter) drifted across the parking lot and sidewalk.

I got inside and it was dark. I reached for a light switch and light flared to life. Sitting right next to the door was this goddess like hippie woman in a flowing Mucha white dress with huge flowers (peonies) as a crown on her auburn hair. She smiled so pretty and welcomed me. It looked like a craft store more so than a rest stop (Tamarack anyone?). She pointed out the way to the bathroom.

It was more like a craft store room with an exposed toilet in the corner. Before I could use it, two cops burst in with a guy in handcuffs. They tossed him down at a table with flower arrangements on it. Instead of being cuffed low, his hands were crossed behind his head and his cuffs were caught in his blond, sticky-up hair and he was whining. I kept telling the cops they needed to get out of the ladies room. I needed to pee. Then I woke up because I needed to pee!

 photo feb list_zpsi4ik15zn.jpg

#4 Favorite outdoor activities: Hmm, let's see. I like to garden. That's one of my favorites. I enjoy hiking in the woods. I'm all about lakes. I love being lakeside. Swimming, that's probably my all time favorite outdoor activity. I love me an outdoor festival. Stargazing is another absolute favorite.

#11 favorite/least favorite condiments: You know some of these are just plain WEIRD. I never even think of stuff like this. Okay mustard is probably my favorite, I put it on a lot of things. Is gravy a condiment? No probably not. Okay there's none I really don't like but I'm not a huge fan of relish or Miracle Whip.


Feb. 10th, 2017 09:15 pm
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Cool. Tonight's Grimm is using the Alp as the Wesen. I used them as the villains in The Darkest Midnight in December for my 1930s demon hunters.

My appointment with the doc today was pointless. Oh you already have an appt on MOnday with the surgeon about your hernia? Ask them to send you for a hydascan because it sounds like your gallbladder needs removing. Here's some meds to help with the spasms. Um okay

In the waiting room there was an excellent piece of (let me be politically incorrect) trailer trash. This young woman was having a LOUD conversation on her cell phone that no one should have in public, maybe two. The first conversation was about how she wanted her friend to forgive you. "You didn't need to have him there to keep me away from you. I'd never have hurt you, not with your baby in your hand.' 'What do you mean I stole from you. Wait i know what this is about." (leaves waiting room then returns and the conversation changes) Now she's talking about her husband who refuses to work and doesn't want her to work either. He just wants to sit around playing video games (In spite of having children to provide for)

and all I can think is THIS is why people hate welfare and how Trump managed to manipulate them. I have no issues with helping the poor at all (that's actually IN the Bible for all those so-called CHristians who are so anti-helping the poor) but when you have able bodied people who want nothing but to be a sponge, yeah that does bug me. That's not what welfare was meant for.

I don't feel well. I went to the bar and my stomach started hurting. It feels oogy now. I hope I'm not getting that stomach flu that wiped out half my class this week.

 photo feb list_zpsi4ik15zn.jpg

#3 Inspirational people - ugh, I'm bad at this. I really don't follow leaders etc. I could name some of the obvious ones, historically, Gandhi, Susan B. Anthony, Florence NIghtengale. Sally Ride was one of mine for a while. I like that Gary Sinese has created a charity to help veterans. I'm sure there are hundreds I should be paying attention to but really I'm not good with this.

# 10 15 of my guilty pleasures. Really 15? Okay chocolate, manga, anime, comic books, cosplay, collecting books, music, tea, booze, gambling, video games, ghost hunting, cemetery art, kinky bedroom games (did I just say that?) Is that 15? Eh, whatever. You know what I'm not guilty about ANY of it.
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Not to mention Happy Read a Book in the Bath Day. Consider them well celebrated. Greek Styled pizza and mystery, fun. I also had lunch with L and had Bob Evans's new triple chocolate hot chocolate. SO good, so many calories, so much sugar.

We got NO snow. Hell there wasn't even any ice. I don't know how all the water soaked into the ground but it did from the rain (still raining in my office). Mom and Dad got just enough snow that they couldn't make it to my cousin's funeral today.

We got the potential new professors down to 4 to skype so there's that.

I've turned in my flash fic. I'll let you know when it goes up on my friend's blog.

So boring day otherwise let me tackle this.
 photo feb list_zpsi4ik15zn.jpg

#2 Things to do over. My whole life? Okay I would definitely rethink not having kids. A decade ago I would never have said that. I remember my elderly single patients who loved their freedom but regretted not having kids. I said that would never be me. Surprise. I was so wrong.

I might not go to med school if I had to do it all over. Okay maybe i would but I would have been more aggressive about it, maybe have retried Temple like they told me to. Even if I did go, I would definitely get insurance on my hands even if I had to make it my parent's gift to me for birthday and christmas every year until I got on my feet. I wouldn't have listened to the lawyer who said go back to school now, they have to pay you (no, they didn't) to go. I would have started research as soon as I got my teaching job. Yeah I would redo so many things.

#9 The Kind of Old Person I want to be. Come on, I'm already half way to being here. And has there ever been a better poem about aging than this?

by Jenny Joseph
With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.
And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves
And satin sandals, and say we've no money for butter.
I shall sit down on the pavement when I'm tired
And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells
And run my stick along the public railings
And make up for the sobriety of my youth.
I shall go out in my slippers in the rain
And pick the flowers in other people's gardens
And learn to spit
You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat
And eat three pounds of sausages at a go
Or only bread and pickle for a week
And hoard pens and pencils and beermats and things in boxes
But now we must have clothes that keep us dry
And pay our rent and not swear in the street
And set a good example for the children.
We must have friends to dinner and read the papers.
But maybe I ought to practice a little now?
So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised
When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.

I want to be my Grandma Santy and my Aunt Elizabeth. Grandma lived to be nearly 100 and lived independently until her mid 90s. She traveled and gambled and cooked. Aunt Elizabeth is in Coco Beach, late 90s and until recently traveled the world as an old woman. She still swims every day. I want to travel and write and gamble and garden and cook. I want to be the oldest person at the comi-con. In Cos-play! I want to hoist my sagging to my knees boobs up in a corset and go to the Renn fest. I'll regret not having grandkids to spoil.

I am hoping this comes true. As a diabetic of many years, I know mostly I'm lucky to escape not being blind, legless and on dialysis. So everyone wish I get to be the old woman I want to be!


Feb. 8th, 2017 11:18 pm
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At the beginning of the month I saw this on spiffikins blog and wanted to do it then never did because I'm just that good. Since all I have to talk about today is that I DID make it my circus after that person I was talking about was really ranting in my friend's post (at least it was a politic post for a change), I decided to do it today. I'll probably do one to catch up and then do the one for the actual day.

 photo feb list_zpsi4ik15zn.jpg

1. What I achieved in Jan. I made it through the death of two friends and one relative. I made it back to work. I finished revising Blood Red Roulette so yeah not much in the way of achievements but it occurred to me I never emptied 2016's good things jar, which was admittedly pretty sparse so here we go, 2016's good things in no particularly:
a. I don't have H. pylori or stomach ulcers or Chron's or cancer
b. The rainbow snippets community of FB led to book sales for Jana.
c.Sold a short story with Aaron and Rhys to the Pulse shooting charity anthology Love Wins
d. my local steampunk group is very accepting of my gay fiction (and one of them came out as a transgendered man, we have a transgendered female already)
e. I found an octopus tea pot! Used it with the steampunk group
f. sold my short story (steampunk) Corpse Dust to DSP's Once Upon a Time in the Old West
g. Mom got me a new laptop!
h. I have no nerve damage in either leg (but a shit ton of arthritis instead)
i.Someone listed me and my novel Kept Tears as their favorites
j. someone at [profile] celebrate_fma REALLY loved my writing.
k. I won a basket of books from the local library (mom stole the basket)
l. sold a poem to the Pulse shooting charity anthology
m. had a politics free Christmas
n. Once Upon a Time in the Old West is getting accolades all over.
o. my students have good research plans

8. Restaurants I frequent and what I order. I prefer non-chains. In Gallipolis I go to Tuscany's and I get the pepperoni roll. In Rio Grande I go to Jiminetti's and get the same thing. I also go to Zak & Scotty's and get a gyro. In Jackson I like El Toro and get either the enchilada cameron (spicy shrimp) or the chile rellenos. I also go to Cardos pizza and get the pepperoni supreme (getting the idea I like pepperoni?). I love Arch and Eddie's and I get the chicken tenders or the firecracker shrimp or the Original Archie burger (a bacon cheese burger with a fried egg and onion straws on it because I have NO regard for my health). In Athens I like the China Panda and get scallion pancakes, hot and sour soup and general Tso's tofu or I go to Habibi's and get a gyro. I love the Donkey coffee shop there too.

No snow yet. Yesterday it was 65. It was so warm last night my apt never cooled down from 69 degrees. Tonight it rained and now it's supposed to be 27 and snowing and then up to 65 again in the weekend. Really mother nature??
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I dreamt I was with EB (the dept chair and my friend). We were in line for these 'cars' that would take us on this new sort of transatlantic train that could achieve nearly hyper drive. I have no idea why we were there but I know we were nervous about this.

The people in charge were doing a poor job of directing traffic and just as I was ready to get onto mine, whoever was driving it wasn't using the brakes right and it rocketed into the line nearly hurting people. While the people in charge were helping to pull this old man out of it, others shooed me into the car. It looked like an amusement park car, open, barely any sides and silverish with red pleather seats, two facing one way and two facing back.

However they wouldn't let EB come with me. I was upset. I couldn't understand why not. I wanted my friend to be with me but they said only one at a time and I kept saying so why does it seat four then? EB said it would be okay, I could go ahead (as she said when I told her, it sounds like what happened to us at Moonville).

But as my car started, she was caught up in the wake of it, pulled along so I got her into the car. Just then I saw the old man who'd wrecked out was suddenly younger and bloody. Then boom, in a heart beat we were in London but EB was unconscious. They separated us and that's when I realized we hadn't just crossed the Atlantic we'd gone back in time.

Wow, brain.

Today did see one person comment to Jana so I feel a little better. Right up until I saw exactly what I thought would happen did when it came to our new Educational (cough) leader. I'm sorry but if you give a bent dime to the people voting you in, it should be considered a bribe, not just the cost of doing business. Betsy is an idiot, she wrecked education in Michigan, she actually joked about wanting MORE guns in schools and literally has no idea what's she's doing. So a PLAGUARIST gets to be our leader in education. Sigh
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Because it's freaking nearly 60 and things are blooming and I'm in a full blown allergy attack in the middle of WINTER. Tomorrow is going to be worse as it will be over 60. There are dandelions blooming everywhere.

My cousin's husband died yesterday. Sigh. That's four since the first.

Mom got over excited about a place she saw online. It's the brew thru Rio sabatogued (they okay the building then reversed the liquor license). I'm like MOm it CAN NOT be 2,700. She agreed but asked what if it's meant to be 27000. I'm like fine if it is, we'll buy it and figure out how to turn it into a house but I'm betting that's the monthly rent. It was but you'd think the realtor would be interested in knowing that it came up under residential to buy instead of commericial to rent on their site but no.

And I figured out how to deal with my annoyance over that racist bitch who keeps hijacking my friend's post. In my new novel I needed a reason the hotel is so haunted no one wants in it. She can become the next H.H. Holmes. It's my usual way of dealing with people I don't like. It works for me.

My new coworker gave me 2 dozen of his chickens eggs. They're all different colors and sizes. I better get on some egg recipes.
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Actually I'm just going to share some writing links because I'm trying to finish Blood Red Roulette because I'm rather under the gun (also laughing my ass off as the Patriots bounce the extra point off the goal post, suck it Patriots).

I did want to thank [personal profile] kiramaru7 for beta reading chapter one of the new novel!

First off I've joined habitica. which makes reaching your life goals into an RPG so in theory it's more fun to do them. I'm failing at figuring out how to make the daily goals show up daily....

So let me jump right into the links

good one on description

good one on properly using backstory

how to fix plot holes

devising conflict between protagonists I think this bears thinking on because I loathe the let's not have one character tell another character important info (that any sane person WOULD share) just to cause drama trope (looking at you BtVS)

book promotion

using video to engage reader , not gonna lie, this one scares me a bit.

another podcast on characters

Yearly Word Count -

4031 / 100000 words. 4% done!

Splinters of Silver - editing nothing

Blood Red - finished the full revision, working on trouble spots

Steampunk Holiday - did jack

Behind Blue Eyes - back burnered

Haunted Hocking

2129 / 60000 words. 4% done!

Go Atlanta!
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But before that, let me talk about the good things. I went to a friend's Imbolc ritual. Her teenaged daughter wanted to do the ritual and led it. It was very nice. I enjoyed it. Hell I was just glad to get out of the house and talk to friends. We carved candles with power symbols and bathed it with ocean water. I put a few symbols on mine then realized one of them is the one priests carve on the candle that is burnt year long in the Catholic church. Oh my.

I also got the writers groups critiques done. I'm almost on time. I'm sadly proud of that.

As for those monkeys, I have a friend who keeps this alt right Trump fan on her FB. I think their businesses are sort of linked so that might be why as this friend has no time really for politics. And this trumpette turns EVERY post into a political post. You could post a kitten and she'd make it about how great Trump is and how horrible all liberals are. I try not to comment negatively to someone's posts but god she makes it difficult not to. A couple of us did today when she turned a post about my friend's daughter (who happened to be at a coffee shop that's giving Trump the finger) about how she shouldn't be at said coffee shop or give money to anyone who supports Black Lives Matter and Anti-Trump businesses.

I'd of banned her ass 2 seconds after telling me what I'm allowed my child to do. Some people make you want it to be your circus.
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I'm running a bit late on this because of well life. I love talking books especially so if you see one that catches your eye, let's discuss. Also I need to be more relaxed about my reading challenges. I'm like OMG I'll never finished reading 50 states at this rate and it's like it's JANUARY. Calm the hell down. One of my students is doing a neat challenge (but not great for people who read mysteries), adding up the miles a character travels in the book and see how far you get.
* = 4 stars or more

Book: Quantum Tangle SF

Book: B.U.G. espionage thriller

Book:When Falcons Fall historical mystery *

Book:A Monster Calls YA, urban fantasy *

Book:Jackaby historical A, urban fantasy *

Book:The Chardonnay Charade mystery

Book: Haunted in Death SF mystery

Book:A Most Curious Murder mystery

Book: Yuletide Slaying mystery*

Book:Doctor Who: The American Adventures SF

Graphic Novel: Monstress #1 fantasy*

Book:Thrice the Brinded Cat Mew'd historical mystery *

Manga: Bungo Stray Dogs #1 urban fantasy *

Movies/DVDS (hey look, finally reviewed some)

The Killing Joke animated Batman

Stein's Gate #4 anime, SF

Dr. Strange superhero

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them action, magic
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That's where I am. I couldn't sleep and I running like an idiot. I have appointments with doctors (and car doctors) every monday and friday for the next three weeks.

My new neighbors have arrived (moving in after 8) I'm just hoping a) they're quiet & b) they don't own that white supremacy truck I saw in the lot and if they do then I refer you to A.

Adding to my exhaustion is my stupidity. We went out to lunch at Bob Evans and EB and I split two orders of hot cakes (cinnamon for me, chocolate for her and we gave each half of the other). Too many carbs.

I also went to Arch and Eddies. their Painkiller was delicious! Rum, cream of coconut and fruit juices. I could have drank them all night. That Firecracker Shrimp is so yummy.
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Happy Imbolc/St Brigid's day to my friends who celebrate. I hope to be at a celebrate this weekend. It's been EONS since I've been to a pagan ritual but at least most of them are good friends....

And Happy groundhog's day. I don't even know what Phil saw. All I know is there is a Penn's Brewery (yay Pittsburgh) Puxatwany Pilsner. I'd like to try that.

Today I got a call before work from my ob/gyn about referring me for that hernia. She didn't remember saying she'd refer me but never fear: You don't need a referral. Just call surgery. Okay then. I do that and they said You HAVE to have a referral and they send a note to my doc. I get home and my doc had called here and I need to call back. I swear if she says she doesn't remember or isn't referring to me, I have an appt scheduled with my GP anyhow and I will have HER send me to a completely different hospital system as I am annoyed.

My gallbladder has been spasming all day. Ugh.

I dreamt I was exercising and woke up with a charley horse. that's just sad.

My poker face as a teacher was completely destroyed when one of my students (who I had last year) came to ask if she could make up the stuff on Tuesday. SHe didn't know that TR meant Tuesday and thursday on her schedule. For a full MONTH she hasn't come to Tuesdays classes and only figured it out today when she couldn't understand how she missed her microbiology exam this tuesday. Okay I could see this on the first week but didn't she wonder why she had huge gaps in her notes and that it didn't match where we had left off? She talks to other students. How dumb are you? (yes this is a nursing student). I asked did she know when her lab was (as I've not seen her in it), yes it's wednesday. Were you there yesterday? No. Well then, enjoy missing sixty freaking points.

I finished my flash fic so there's that!
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Kanda sat on me for the first time in two weeks. I guess he no longer fears I'm poisoning him with antibiotics. However, I'm not sure his ear is 100% healed. He also had to get his nails trimmed, oh the histronics.

It's the airbags that have gone bad in my car. I've made an appointment to get them replaced.

If you pop over to [profile] jana_denardo you can see another great review for Once Upon A Time In the Old West. They really liked my story which of course was the smile for the day.

When I left this morning yet ANOTHER truck was parked illegally in the handicapped spot covered in White Supremacy bumper stickers. Please this can not be the person I'll be sharing a wall with!

I didn't sleep much last night. I know I had more to say but it is gone so tiny post it is.


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