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May. 29th, 2017 12:55 am
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Today’s workshops were good too. My favorites hands down were the Neuroscience one and the Dead Men DO tell tales. The neuroscience one first had the history of neuro in just a few slides which was fascinating and then launched into some of the new research, stuff I’ve never heard of, one using photosensitive proteins from algae to cure mice of Parkinson’s (they give the mouse that and then using LIGHT cure them) which has such potential. Talked the induced stem cell project which in theory could turn any patient derived cell back into an embryonic stem cell, again the potential! And talked CRISPR, a way of cleaving DNA which they’re already using to clip out HIV virus from infected T-cells keeping them from dying off and descending into full blown AIDS.

Dead Men was a crash course on using hips and skulls to age and sex a skeleton. I DO have several real skeletons in my lab. It could make for a fun lab.

Sadly the Italian study aboard course wasn’t what I thought it would be (I’ve sat through many of his lectures over the years) as there is just no way I could get a study abroad program going in Rio. We’re too poor. The other was on ‘So You Wanna Be a Doctor’ and I thought it was about talking to students about other options which it wasn’t except for the last slide. It was more on how they talk to the incoming freshmen and being VERY honest on what is needed (GPA wise, MCAT wise etc). I think I need to get this lecture from her, adapt it for my area statistic wise and give it in the bio 1 class. She talked to me afterward worried she has misled the group with the abstract. I said not really but maybe a little. I DID tell her that telling students that the D.O. program and Podiatry was NOT a viable option as she has listed out on that last slide. Those are REAL doctors and their requirements are every bit as hard as traditional medical school (yes, I was a bit irritated by that slight). Caribbean medical school and Chiropractors are better options for the wanna bes with less than great grades (I’m not saying they’ll be bad doctors but their GPA requirements are MUCH lower, you don’t even want to know how low the bar is set for Chiro).

I got home and checked my email (as I had time to kill before my evening tour) and the tour guide who stood me up on Wednesday (and frankly Thursday too) had emailed me back after I sent an email last night to officially cancel tomorrow’s tour, asking ‘did we do something wrong?’ Yes you twit. You didn’t show up either night NOR answer my calls.

I wish I hadn’t been too exhausted in the nights previous because what looked so distant on the map was literally just around the block. It would have saved me from eating at Olive Garden and PF Chang’s. Sigh (I prefer local eating over chains). Tonight I went to Settobello, Neapolitan pizza. I got one with olive oil ‘sauce’ panna (creamy cheese) mozzarella, tons of garlic, basil leaves and prosciutto crudo. It was amazing. I also made the bad choice of getting gelato (because lactose intolerance) here’s hoping I don’t have any distress on the trip tonight. I had cream baci (chocolate with hazelnut chunks) and panna cotta (cream with chocolate chips). SO damn good.

ETA – The trip was lovely. Half of the people on the tour were other fellow con goers (including the artists for one of the text books I’d like to use if I had sole choice). Three of them had been ripped off by the same guy who ripped me off (but they went thru viator who REALLY needs to remove this guy). This tour guide tried to help them get their money back and said the other guy actually has an arrest warrant out for him (not sure I can trust that). This guide was great. He knows his birds. We saw pelicans, ruddy ducks, black legged stilts, yellow headed black birds, muskrats and pronghorn antelopes.

The lake smells like dead shrimp because it’s FULL of brine shrimp (You know, sea monkeys). I had to kick off my shoes and wade out there. Cross that off the bucket list. On the way out a Navajo park worker came to say hello. He was pretty shocked to hear me return his Yatahey and refer to him as Dine (I know like three words in Navajo and that was one of them). He was nice. And oh two of the people on the tour were from Italy. I feel a little bad because the guide was trying hard to recruit more people to my tour of the mountains tomorrow. I sure hope I’m not alone on that thing because I would feel bad for making them run out there for just me.

Not quite sunset  photo DSCN04401_zpsardjc3wg.jpg

Saltair III the original was build in the 1888s a resort. It burnt a few times. this came in the 1980s and the next year it flood to the second story for 4 years. Now it's a concert hall.  photo DSCN04431_zpsywmodg3j.jpg

You can see brine shrimp around my fingers  photo DSCN04461_zps2gwhdbw8.jpg

Way to have your eyes shut.  photo DSCN04471_zps8aztd5jx.jpg

I was salty to my knees  photo DSCN04511_zps9pgo4hso.jpg

Setting sun (you can see that green orb so it must be light playing off my lens)  photo DSCN04542_zpsyghsqex3.jpg

Almost gone  photo DSCN04631_zpsmi8nztqe.jpg
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today was day one of the workshops. for the most part they were good. The first was more for me than my students, a look at forgotten but important Black scientists. It was very interesting and sad at the same time because of the prejudice against them (Most of them had to go to Canada or European to be educated). I had a few picked out for the #2 slot but they were half way across Campus and my #3 choice was in the same room as #1 and since it was going to be on CHOCOLATE I knew it would be full so I just stayed in that room for #2 . The talk was about Diffusion tension MRI which I have never heard of. Given by a young girl who was obviously scared. It was her first time and it did BOMB. Bad. Some people walked out (funny as we had just been talking about this over breakfast, the exact same scenario). I did stick it out but it wasn't very goo or helpful. I DO think the 60 and/or 90 minute time frames are a bit long. I would like to do one but honestly 30 minutes would be enough...

The last one workshop was about using cast studies designed as an escape room exercise. I was so exhausted I actually fell asleep scrawling notes. You can see where the pen just drifted off the page. I was only out for a few seconds but damn.

I came home, shuffled one tour from monday til tomorrow since I'm done earlier. Unfortunately I miscounted the days and now I won't get to go to a could of local restaurants I wanted to try. I DID go to P F Chang's for the first time ever (It was only two doors down and I was too tired to go further). Now I see what I have avoided it. SO overpriced for Chinese. The shrimp dumpling dim sum were good but the honey chicken was like flavorless erasers. I did something I never do. I complained. We switched it out for long life noodles with crispy prawns which was good. Stopped back at squatters to have an apricot hefeweizen which was good but not as good as their oatmeal stout.

So here you go, the ghost tour.

I went on Grimm’s Ghost tour and our tour guide was an enthusiastic man originally from Baton Rogue dressed in black with a silver cross calling himself ‘Preacher.’ I got to talk to him a while before the tour. He was fun. I’m only going to include the ones we stopped at (we couldn’t go in, a lot of them think ghosts ruin business, unsurprising in such a religious area).

We stopped at the Rio train station. The purple lady haunts it. The story goes that during the war a lot of men shipped off from that station with that final kiss goodbye there. One couple got into a fight and he tore the ring off her finger throwing it onto the tracks. She was killed trying to retrieve it. However, they got an EVP there that clearly said ‘help me, my boyfriend pushed me.’ There is also someone who turns on the showers inside the building. We also saw the scariest part of the tour there, a truly huge Hooverville. Utah has only a 2 % unemployment rate. Apparently they’re all in this tent city.

The Rio Station:  photo DSCN03761_zpshyhbhof5.jpg

He showed a picture of a woman named Lily’s whose grave read ‘victim of the beast 666’ no one is entirely sure why but it’s possible she died at her husband’s hands (urban legend, her spirit will follow you unless you leave a penny on her grave) but sadly we didn’t go there.

There was a young Mormon missionary to South America who contracted something there, leaving him very ill. Afterward he started claiming he was God, Jesus and the holy spirit all in one. He refused to back down from this so he was excommunicated and made his own cult. Some of you may have heard of Emmanuel David and his wife Rachel. (and the whole David family, in the cult your last name has to be David) He was about to be caught by the FBI for conning people, counterfeiting etc. He committed suicide. His wife checked into the Isle of...yeah I need to look that up but it’s now the Holiday Inn Express (literally next door to the salt palace) and she took all 7 of her kids aged very young up to 19 and told them they were going to meet their father. She took them out to room 1105’s balcony and told them to jump. Some did. Others she threw over, breaking the fingers of any of the kids who clung on. Only one survived. She jumped after them. They are often heard playing around the pool. You can still rent that room (note to self).

 photo DSCN03801_zpskf4f00m2.jpg

Then we went to the city court house. It had a holding cell underground that once housed Ted Bundy. It was also home to a corrupt judge who took bribes from big business to cheat ranchers out of their lands. He’s still heard in the halls and using his gavel. Another ghost there was the ghost of a bride who was being married there but her intended took a runner, leaving her at the alter. (or at least the court room and the Justice of the Peace). She climbed out on the roof and threw herself off (he showed a picture that did look like a bridal train…)

The top of the city county court  photo DSCN03841_zpsnjerxpb7.jpg

The bottom of it  photo DSCN03861_zpsw1qtd3n9.jpg

There are several of these creepy ones but I couldn't look away from this one  photo DSCN03941_zps9ra12fgf.jpg

There is a sea serpent in a local lake. Here it is on the building.  photo DSCN03991_zps7ndxiidz.jpg

We went to the Salt Lake City Cemetery but being memorial day it was rather crowded even at 8 o’clock at night so we didn’t do as much as we should have. We got glared at by a family having a picnic on a grave but right next to them was the grave of Hiram Bebee, a potential resting place of the Sundance Kid. No real ghost story just that (well could have had a ghost story but who knows since we cut it short) He also told a story about one of the early governors hitting on a young widow so often and so hard that he knew he had to get out of town or die and when he tried to get out the carriage driver was the woman's sister (which makes me want to look this up. There weren't many lady drivers) and he told the story of Jean Baptiste, a grave robber who stole clothes and jewels from the graves. Brigham Young didn't allow for him to be killed for a relatively minor crime so they branded graverobber into his forehead and exiled him. (would like to know if that's true too)

 photo DSCN04021_zps2qyoxdm0.jpg The view of the city from the cemetery. How ironic, SO many cemeteries were put on the top of hills with great views because back in the day we wanted the flat lands for farm. Now we want these grave yards gone and the hills turned into premium housing.

Then we ended at the Hatch chocolate factory that used to be a father and son grocery and they’re still there. We are allowed in there (sadly can’t buy chocolate because we’d end up off schedule) but we all got a piece. It was chocolate over cinnamon gummy bear. It was good chocolate.

 photo DSCN04071_zpshv7mzmqo.jpg

As for the Peery there is bellboy seen and heard in the halls and a moaning woman near the elevator.

A view from the landing  photo DSCN04321_zpsbvuhhtuv.jpg

I don't know what the gray blob on the support nor the green orb near the floor (a bit distance from the lights to be a flare) Take that as you will.  photo DSCN04231_zpss8zcouxw.jpg
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It was the final day of the seminar (tomorrow and Sunday are the work shops). I got to attend a lecture by a Noble Prize winning biologist on the Hoxb8 gene. He was basically the inventor of the knockout mouse. It was a fascinating lecture and so complicated and yet he made it sound as easy as turning out a light. There was one on cardiovascular damage and exercise (interesting that mild-moderate exercise has health benefits but super heavy exercise doesn't add to it). And there was one on the evolution of our bodies driven in part by our aggressive nature (the terrifying thing was the graph that shows distinctly that we're in the safest era ever, less killing than even a hundred years ago. scary as hell).

I skipped out on the business meeting and went to the Beehive House and Lion house, Brigham Young's house. I wanted the tour since it's an important part of the history here. This was however where they set the Mormon missionaries loose on you. Every room was a tiny bit of history, huge plug for it's religious significance. Oh well. they were nice enough when I refused to take a book of mormon with me. I pitched their family values paperwork they put in my hand (not in front of them but anything saying marriage is only between men and women and sex outside of marriage is a sin God will hold you accountable for isn't for me).

I also went on a ghost tour but I'll post that tomorrow as I want to put up pics and I'm out of time (have to get up uber early tomorrow) I wanted to go with them tomorrow on their other tour but it doesn't start until 9. I don't mind walking back at 9 like I did tonight but midnight is later than I want to cruise the city alone on foot. I did manage to aggravate my good hip again on the tour. Granted I'm already in pain from all the walking and long sitting.
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I didn't know it but the theme of the conference was using evolution to teach A&P. I don't do a lot of that so there was a ton for me to learn. The first speaker was using evolution to prove we are actually built to run. The second (and the best) talked about the evolution of the larnyx and how infants are built more like chimps and as we age (within a year) the larnyx begins to lower nearly 3 vertebrae in our throat, freeing the tongue for speech but allowing us to choke more easily, it was fascinating. The third speaker looked at the muscles of facial expression and how certain genetic disorders like the trisomies, retain the muscles of chimps that develop in all fetuses but disappear before we're born in 'normal' births and the last spoke about premies. I knew about the lung issues that are life long but I didn't know about the full extent of the brain issues. They use lambs to study and even with as little as three days of intubation the premie lambs can't even walk a simple maze and refuse to look at the mirror (showing severe anti social behavior).

The vendors are SO out of my league this year. Two of them have virtual dissecting tables (like 70 grand each) but the best part was that you can now buy the plastized humans like in the Bodies exhibit. i snatched a catalog. Yes I know I can't afford it. I wanted it any how. They have a serial sliced human head for brain anatomy and I want it so much.

I did get to the Mormon tabernacle choir rehearsal. I'm glad I got to go, in spite of it being a rehearsal which meant a lot of correction by their director (not that I could hear any of the issues he did). They were lovely.
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As anticipated, the tour guide never showed up. I waited an hour and a half (nor did he call me back, asshole). Oddly I wasn't angry because I honestly DID expect this. Okay that's not entirely true, I was pissed but I was calm. At the concierge's suggestion I called the tour guides that have their info here in the hotel but not surprisingly there was no answer because these are often small companies and already out for the day (though they didn't call back either).

So I called the trolley tour because it went to all kinds of cool places and lets you out to take pictures etc. And they said call back in an hour because our trolley is having troubles. Um...okay. I also found the hop on hop off bus and my mistake was waiting on the trolley. It remained too broken to us (so you have just one trolley?)

I didn't catch the bus until nearly noon and I didn't make it to the stop in time. However he saw me and pulled over to let me join in. It was a strange bus with wooden park bench like seats that broke my spine for about an hour and a half of touring the town, going past the geneology library and the Mormon tabernacle, Brigham Young's beehive and lion houses (he had to build a second one as his 6 wives and 57 kids needed room), we rolled past museums and churches and if I had gotten on the damn thing at the Red Butte Gardens and Natural history museums but it was already afternoon and in spite of claims of hopping on and off with 18 stops, we didn't really STOP at most of these things. Eventually I gave up on the idea of lunch (thank god I had crackers).

What I did was have him drop me at the Pioneer museum because it was at the top of a huge-ass hill that I knew I would never walk up but I could go down. The museum was fairly large (and free). Apparently the pioneer women kept every damn thing. I've never seen such a huge collection of linens, lace and other home goods. There was a fun collection of sewing machines, spinning wheels and looms, not to mention some Victorian prams (I have a love of those things).

I learned of a lady doctor (and that Brigham Young was encouraging women to be doctors in the 1880s. While I'm not particularly religious and have no real interest in Mormonism, BY seems like he was an interesting guy), Ellis Reynolds Shipp This link has better info (if very LSD slanted) but Wiki has a picture. She sounds like someone I'd like to read up on.

They also had a replica of the Gardo house (go google the images of the building) which had to be an amazing building but what amazes me more is they tore it down in under 40 years.

There is also a fantastic steam fire truck in the place that I loved.

From there I walked down hill past the most amazing old apartments that I would love to live in (betting their in the 2000K price range) and headed into the Temple Square. I mean you can't come here and not drop in on the Mormon seat of power. It's a huge complex. Inside the north visitor center I was told two things a) I could not go into the temple because I wasn't Mormon b) I must see the glorious redeemer statue on the second floor.

Oddly I was somehow bothered by the fact that non-Mormons were banned from the temple. I mean these are people who feel very comfortable going everywhere to spread their own beliefs (almost ALL the girls working the compound were from South America or Korea) but make us unwelcome inside their church. It's weird and to me, a little anti-CHristian but whatever.

The big Christ statue was worth seeing. There's a spiraling ramp up to him and he's surrounded by a semi circle painted with a mural of a galaxy and across the ceiling. It was very peaceful and lovely.

I wandered into the original tabernacle and they were illustrating how perfectly acoustical it was by dropping a pin on the lectern and you could hear it in the back. That was pretty cool. The original meeting house was lovely too and the southern visitor center had a model of the temple with videos of it. I'll give them this, at least none of the sisters tried to hard pedal their faith to me.

I trundled back to the hotel and went for dinner. I was going to walk to the pizza place I've been hearing about but since i walked out into a freaking sandstorm I raced across the street to Squatters Brew pub for an excellent oatmeal stout and reuben (literally one of the best I've had in ages) just in time for it to rain.

From there I was going to go to the reception for my conference but the storm went from hey it's raining to OMFG we're all going to die. THere was a new alert on the tv every fifteen minutes with the areas needing to seek shelter expanding. So I stayed in and made up for no lunch by getting an overpriced dessert in the Carniege Pub an adult moon pie with a port wine cake, chocolate ganche and marshmellow cream fluff. The ganche was thick and yummy but honestly the cake was a bit dry. Still it was good and surrounded with strawberries, raspberries and raspberry puree.

And oh I forgot, I got to see the hand cart momunment. Somehow or other the very first group of 144 men and 3 women (don't ask, I don't know) didn't have carriages. they walked out here dragging stuff out here on hand carts (holy crap).

No photos because I'm tired. I did finally get thru to the OTHER tour agency and they're like go book it on line. So I did. I swear to god they better show up because I know their names and website and I will screw them online. If I don't get to go out to the damn lake (I sure as hell smelled it today) I will be pissed.
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Made it to Salt Lake with the only trauma being a half hour delay thanks to Denver's over crowding. I'm pretty damned tired but it was a good trip. I'm very glad I didn't take the train to the hotel. It was worth the 11$ to take the shuttle. The driver was nice and helpful with recs (one of the brew pubs I had picked out came highly recommended and it's just across the street.)

I am staying at the historic Peery Hotel . If I can, I will always stay at a historic (if possible also haunted) hotel. This one has a lovely lobby with a piece of furniture I covet. Maybe I'll get pictures tomorrow night. Too tired now.

I do have pictures of the room
 photo DSCN02532_zpsgyhuld8r.jpg My bed which is tempurpedic and lovely

I loved this chest dresser  photo DSCN02541_zpsqa1qrkyh.jpg

I also love the old transom door (and the other door is the walk in closet)  photo DSCN02551_zpstxsreveu.jpg

I was too tired to go far so I had a four cheese (including blue) pizza in the hotel's new restaurant.

In theory I'm going on a tour tomorrow but he hasn't contacted me so wish me luck that he's out there tomorrow at 9. I think I'll skip him for going to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehersal as I think it's within walking distance and turns out IS open to the public so why pay 40$. I am looking forward to that. Maybe I can get some other profs to go with me. I rode here in the shuttle with two others and they seemed interested.
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Tomorrow I fly out for Salt Lake. (think good thoughts for me) I'm not exactly thrilled but I'm not anxious either so that's good. It's not really a vacation. It'll be a four day conference.

But I am working in SOME vacationy bits. On Wednesday I'm going to either Antelope Island or Big Cottonwood (I can't remember which) and on Monday I'll be doing the other. I plan to go hear the Mormon Tabernacle choir and a ghost tour.

And the conference is usually a good and interesting time. I AM getting to hear a Noble Prize winner.
That'll be cool.

I'm staying at the historic Peery hotel so here's hoping for cool stuff there. It says it has free wifi so I may or may not be in touch.

Here's hoping it's fun.
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I'm getting ready for the trip so not a lot of time. I did want to talk about the darker side of writing, the guilt of when you're not writing or not editing or just plain not doing what you need to do to keep yourself moving forward.

Yesterday FB showed me the 'your post from a year ago.' and it was me saying I had sent in Blood Red Roulette. ONE FUCKING YEAR. Have I edited it through? Yes once but obviously didn't do a good job of it. I failed.

I failed to fix what I needed to. I failed to do anything in a timely manner. I'm really at the point of thinking go ahead, just give up. That would be the easy way. I've lost all faith in the project. I still love the characters but obviously I have done nothing right so why keep up the struggle?

But just because something is easy, it doesn't make it the right thing to do. Some things have to be fought for in spite of the pain and guilt surrounding them. I have the rest of the chapters to go (as I've gotten to ch 9 and okay I'm missing 10-12). I plan to take them on the plane and edit through them and then send it in. I wanted it done by the end of the month but that's unreasonable. By the end of July then. I've given it to a friend to read the redone again chapters. I don't know if that'll help at all but at least I can say I tried. Will I fail? Naturally like I do most things.

ANd links for the week

Perspective & career

Surviving rejection When to walk away from a publishing deal

writing a synopsis Honestly I always mean to write a sentence as I write the chapter so I have the bones of a synopsis but I never do.

If you were planning on using Bookbub (I am conflicted by them)
why you were rejected from Bookbub

If you are somehow lucky enough to be in the position to try for an audiobook auditioning narrators for audio books

I haven't written enough to bother updating the word count
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Other than it being hot and humid to the point of me thinking maybe I was in Florida by accident it was an uneventful trip. Well if you ignore my left hip. I'm not sure what is going on with it as it's my good hip but I must have aggravated it somehow.

I was surprised by the reaction to my henna tattoo. I knew Mom hates them but at least for tonight, Dad likes it. He's fascinated by the fact its drawn free hand and he likes the idea of using it to help illustrate the anatomy and physiology of skin (which is one of the things I use them for). Granted tomorrow he could easily be upset I'll have it at the con....

I can't get into Jana's word press blog. It was logged out on the lap top and it says it's the wrong password. Every time I try to use the password reset the page won't load.

Mom got bitten by something, tick, spider, whatever. It looks terrible but she's being stubborn about going to urgent care....

Luckily it's cooling own now as their a/c has died. Nearly 4 grand to replace. Yippee.
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Came out of nowhere and took out the phone lines. They estimate 2 weeks on the repairs (I'm thinking really? There aren't even that many of us who HAVE them any more. Maybe you should do better).

And my parents' a/c is 100% dead so now I'm debating do I go home tomorrow or wait til Sunday. I guess it'll be however the cleaning goes and how I feel because I had a horrible night last night. I came home from the writers group meeting with a sugar nearly 400 for reasons I can't even guess at. Took some insulin. by 130 when I headed to bed it was 220. At 3:30 I woke up sweating and nauseaous and my sugar at 70. Had to eat to get it back up so didn't get back to sleep until nearly dawn then CVS called me at like 830 in the morning and by then the sugar was back at 320. I fee like hell.

I guess if anyone needs me (as if there are going to be many) call me on my cell.


May. 18th, 2017 08:17 pm
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My internet is out again. Justin is out of town (yes, I know the tech's name There's like 4 people in the company) so it won't be fixed for a week.

I'm leaving anyhow. My parents' a/c is broken. Gonna be a fun weekend.
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So I dug out my swimsuits and realized a) two of them are TWENTY years old. I bought them for water aerobics when I was in Madison b) the 'nice' suit I bought in Florida which I left 13 years ago so....

I tried them on. None of them are dry rotted. Hell they look in fine condition. What the shit are these things made of? Mithril? Because the water aerobics ones were worn in the pool at least 3 days a week for 2 years with all that chlorine. Skipping over that in 20 years I haven't lost a pound and hate myself, I am still buying a new one because damn these are old. I'm keeping them for now except for the speedo athletic one because the straps hit exactly where they removed bone out of both shoulders and hurts like hell.

Also since I forgot, happy belated birthday to [profile] davesmusictank I hope it was a great day.

I have both bedrooms as clean as they're going to get (and are to the point of hey, now they're clean enough to have guest over so now they're clean enough for me to start picking places and go 'let's root through that and toss out what I do not need.') The kitchen is half cleaned. The chlorox cleaner has melted the skin on one hand and I smell. I might actually get this place into decent shape that when I do run back down here I can actually clean up further.

The Portalist book group turned me onto this steampunk podcast Sage & Savant. I'm not sure how I feel about it after the first episode. I don't think the VAs are as good as they are on Welcome to Nightvale but it was interesting. It's funny, podcasts are like the return of the 1930s radio shows when you think about it.

So I saw this article a couple weeks ago and thought she was striking. So much so I started a fantasy story with an albino (who has yet to make an appearance) only male because of my fond memories of Elric of Melniboné. hen out of nowhere pintrest gives me this lovely young man (who does appear to be a bleached white hair...) who would be perfect for my young albino librarian. Now he needs a name.... I think I've found my nano for the year.

One of my favorite songs on that Voltaire cd I bought. If you like Broadway music and are a geek...
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OMG Why is it so fucking hot? I shouldn't be mostly naked and sweating like I'm out too lose every ounce of water? Gah.

I've been thinking about next year's steampunk symposium instead of doing anything I'm supposed to. I've been thinking about it since this year's symposium when I learned that the theme was Superheroes and Villains. I was thinking of Wonder Woman because it's easy. I mentioned it at rathacon and was met with a meh attitude, and a 'there's 5 of them here today.' I know it wasn't meant that way but it sucked the wind right out of me.

So yesterday in the shower I was thinking of other superheroes I could be. Sue Storm would be easy. I knew I didn't want to be a villain. I'm not really a villain fan (and I'm sure there'll be a ton of Harley Quinn's). But then it occured to me, I could be Mazikeen, not the one from TV but rather the comic book version. And from there my brain went, DEATH. So that' who I'm going to be, Death. All I need is a wide gothy metal belt and a black wig. Luckily Halloween will be between those two things. I might still do Mazikeen for one day. I don't want to wear either a half mask or zombie make up on half my face all day (I'll get hot).

How could I forget how much I love Death?

Also I could use more help. Shall my non-Jana stuff be under D.M. Evans (though I already have a facebook under that name and I dom't really want an 'author page' as they're not very interactive) or I could be Dana Evans or even Dana M. Evans. Thoughts?

This horoscope was emailed to me and I thought hmmm Gemini )
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Yeah I still have nothing to say but I haven't even posted links in a while, let a long my word count. I'm too behind to come up with a proper post.

I'm in the middle of editing a short story for MLR press and I DO want some help from you all. The shitty blurb got kicked back to me so let's see if any of you have suggestions (especially since I see their editors just changed tenses on one of my statements so it doesn't match the rest. sigh)

Sion, a crown prince of the elves, wanted to have a fun time with his formerly estranged blind son, Ioan so he took Ioan to something they both enjoy: a human anime convention. They both like humans and all their geeky creations so Sion anticipated a good weekend. What he never considered was an enemy assassin armed with only a description of the character Sion’s cosplaying, murdering his way through the convention.

Detective Roy Connolly, a closet geek, headed to the anime con without his usual partner, Evie. He never expected to find one of the most handsome men he’s ever seen cosplaying in the same universe he was. Better yet, Sion can’t keep his hands off Roy. Throwing caution to the wind, Roy jumps into a whirlwind relationship only to find himself in the cross hairs of an assassin.

I'll need help/opinions ASAP. Thanks!

And now those links

From Alina's blog : too many ideas to write.

Author’s toolkit Youtubes to watch

From Betty: Perspective and Voice

Apps for authors and one of Jana's friends suggested Voice Dreams which is @10$ and reads your story so you can hear where it's awkward (and another suggested you could do the same in Google Playdocs)

save the cat

how to write your blurb (it's hard!!!)

how to get the write mindset

weak novel

overpowered characters This is SO easy to do in fantasy especially. I think this is becoming a real problem in the Harry Dresden books (and it was for Fantastic Beasts because that villain made Voldemort look like a first year student...) This is also why I don't like characters who end up literally as Gods or Gods in general as characters.

five anachronisms that fantasy needs I disagree with this one. Almost entirely. Hell#1 is the starting point for my new thing. If they understood medicine Zvon would never lose his arm. And I don't know how I feel about whitewashing over the horribleness of prejudice, sorry I just don't know. I DID include it in Soldiers of the Sun, not much and it's from the villains but still, can you see dark-skinned Agni NOT having something said to him in the 1930s. To me it would break the immersion more if it wasn't there.

Splinters of Silver - editing nothing

Blood Red - Edited up to ch 7

Steampunk Holiday - did jack

Behind Blue Eyes - back burnered

Horror anthology - completely lost what I did. SIgh

Haunted Hocking (there's more but here's what's in the main document)

6987 / 60000 words. 12% done!

Yearly Count -

16662 / 100000 words. 17% done!
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I blew off Columbus like I said. I did in fact go to rathacon which was fun. They had more vendors than ever but I can’t see how this will last. No one seemed to be buying anything and half the patrons were also vendors. This little con needs WAY better advertizing. I did get to go around and I bought at least two books too many (and I only bought two). Well one was from someone in my writers group so I felt like I had to and I bought one without reading the back from someone I’ve liked before but it turned out to be zombies. Sigh. Moron, me.

I also got three comic books. One from an indie artist that I always get somethingt from. And James Patrick was there. I got something him, a Green Arrow (not really favorite but hell you need to get stuff from DC authors when you get the chance) and The Monster of Jimmy Crumb a horror comic he wrote.

I am still thinking of getting my own tabel there next year. I have to see how much it’ll cost. Maybe my steampunk friends will help me run it. Our first mate won first place in the costume contest. He does nice costuming. These peope are why I want to move closer to Athens. They are fun people to be with. In spite of me saying I wouldn’t get henna again (it’s no longer working well on me) I did because I know the henna artists and even she wasn’t getting any business. I felt bad.

I found two girls (we were back to back tables) selling geeky bath bombs, chocolates and soaps. I took their name/address in Parkersburg. Yeah it’s 2 hours from me but maybe I’ll go this October on a ghost hunt and stop there for holiday gifts (though I think ELD’s bathtub can only do showers and Flippy is allergic to like a million soaps…)

I did manage to break one of my glass vials so that sucked but they’re replaceable. I can’t be trusted with breakables. I also got to talk to the lady who made Cecil, my three eyed baby as she came down from MI for this and I can’t imagine it was profitable. Seriously. Her husband didn’t help. He’s like I hate these dolls. Don’t make me take it home. But this time she had nothing but superhero babies so meh.

My internet is still too slow to upload pictures. Oh well. I promise, some day!
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So my internet is now running at .09 mbps so dial up speed it is. Yes I’ve called about it. In fact, I called from work as they never answer from my home phone. Surprise surprise, they DID pick up and they sounded annoyed. I’ve been calling Frontier internet but the number on the flyer they gave me doesn’t work. Geez…

I did get the Salt Lake crap fixed. I’m coming to a sense of peace that if I don’t get that big birthday trip I’ll take a few more small ones, looking at the Mutter museum in Philly, Nashville with friends and maybe the Star Trek con in Vegas.

Today I brought in 4 new biology students, three of which who had top scores to get into gen chem, bio I and pre-calculus (the other is our usual, not even up to h.s. math). I’m excited. I hope they work out. I hope they stay.

I did back out of the state science fair in Columbus. I needed to. I still feel like hell. Blood vessels have broken around my eye so it looks like I’ve been slugged. I’m hoping it’s all just allergies (if nothing else, I know it’s not blood pressure).

I don’t remember all of my dream but I remember I was in a large lecture hall that was empty as if after a day of classes. Mom was there and she had this boil-like thing on her neck. I asked her about it, had she seen a doctor. She said it was just a pimple, she didn’t need to. I tried to examine it and people started filtering in. I didn’t really interact with any of them but I was aware they were there.

When I examined the infection, it opened up like an abscess and I got tissues and started to drain it but there was no end to it. It just flowed with pus. Now I started getting distracted, people asking me things then I go back to Mom. By now thick clots of yellow were falling out of the wound. I could see the inside of her mouth, staring at teeth. I knew it made no sense. She kept telling me I was making a big deal out of this for no reason. I kept thinking it’s impossible to have this much infection in that area without her being effected with at least vertigo or meningitis.

Then suddenly I was across the lecture hall sitting in one of the crappy flip-down seats. Between my seat and the wall, I see a file folder. I pick it up and it’s one of my exams with all the grades (which I could get in trouble for if I left it lying around). Then there’s another file and I’m there picking up piles upon piles of paperwork. Somewhere in all of this Mom disappears and then the phone rings waking me up mid-dream leaving me disoriented.
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I don't feel well. I am exhausted for no known reason and I NEED this time to clean up this shit hole of an apartment. I didn't get much done today.

I've made a decision that will be unpopular. I was supposed to go to Columbus this weekend but it's just the chemistry scholarship. I'm biology. There's only one candidate. So I'd be running the table for recruitment and we PAY people for that shit. No one will reimburse me for the hotel so I just don't want to waste 100$ of my own money on this. I'm going to call off. It'll free me up to go to rathacon as well. I feel bad about it but I just don't see why I either a) have to get up by 4 AM for this or b) pay to stay in Columbus.

I tried to call the guy in Salt Lake and now can't find him online or the phone number I had written. My internet is so slow I can't search well. I didn't pay him so if I have to make other plans I'll feel like an ass (maybe that should have been the subject line) but whatever. I'm nervous that the website can't be found now.

I did manage to edit two chapters of Blood Red and realized what I had done. I was doing the chapters by chapter and NOT putting them in the main document. I decided to start recreating it as the third version of the goddamn thing.

L called me today. The crew met for trivia night. We lost by one point. Darn it. But it was good.
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Not by choice. My internet is absolutely horrible and has been for a couple weeks. Now that I'm home it'll be a problem. I'm working on it, as in trying to get rid of it.

I'm watching the last Star Trek Voyager. I never saw it. I have NO idea why. I was living with ELD at the time. I'm not sure that I saw any of the last season (wondering if it was because her parents were there and didn't watch it). Imissed the first half because I didn't know this was on. Okay, the second half is more important anyhow.

I AM going to have to call the cops on these neighbors. I'm beginning to think that apartment is cursed. Ever since the couple who initially took in Kanda (then tossed him to me) everyone who has lived in that place has been abusive to one another.

I STILL don't have my passport and I'm getting pretty pissed. If it's not here soon my big trip will be off. I'm not pleased. I hate this. And of course I'm still pissed about the whole Alaska fiasco.

I am struggling to write. wish me luck. I have a new idea which you saw part of. it might go somewhere.
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It was cool and it didn't rain so it was overall a nice day for graduation. My grades are in so I am done until August. It hardly seems possible.

THis year we had the chemistry party at one student's house. She's one of our best students, going on to medical school. She hosted the party at her house in the country with two barns full of animals. My fingers were in the following mouths: two calves, nearly a dozen horses, two dogs and one cat. (Kanda had fun sniffing all that). It was a lovely house, lovely party and a good time. Her mom gave me eggs, a half dozen chicken eggs (some very tiny ones) and a half dozen duck eggs (which are huge).

I got to travel along the Ohio on route 7. Man it was peaceful. I know that I DO have to get a house in the country. It makes me so happy to be out there. I might have had three different kind of manure on my shoes but it felt right.

IF my internet stops being an ass I'll post pictures.

The student's mom thanked us for helping to raise her daughter (she's been taking college classes since she was 14)

I did edit some during graduation BUT it occured to me that I've fucking forgotten how/when/where I was going to rearrange Blood Red to make Arrigo look less like an ass for getting involved with Luc. I THOUGHT I had already rearranged those scenes. Apparently not on the version on my flash drive. Frustrating as hell. I want this edited through and out of here by July. I NEED to get serious about it!
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I waited an extra hour for a student because she was struggling so much. I also made her cry when I pointed out she needs to look into the test anxiety help services. She IS supposed to be using them but thinks it makes her a dummy (well when you repeat three times because you won't address your learning disability). I told her I understood and asked if she thought I was stupid because I had to use them too (for chemistry in grad school but still).

Then in the middle of this was the whole health care fiasco. I could find myself choosing between medicine and a place to live. Fun times, fucking Trump.

The only good thing to happen today was my first loot anime (something else among the other things I won't be able to afford if I'm removed from my health care). There were so many cool things but one of the coolest was the faux leather belt journal that would be great for steampunking.


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