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I had things to talk about but it's been a bad day. My brain is fried and I'm stupid (my parents told me so today so there's that). I am trying to drag everything together for those author's panels but at this point it's more likely I'm going to be winging it (OMG) because if I think about it, I'll realize I'm the only NON-Tor author on the panel and panic).

I made a tiny bit of headway on one of the Christmas stories and then got the copy edits of Modified and Sacred back because of course I did at the worst possible time. I'll try to knock those out tomorrow. It shouldn't be too bad.

So don't forget, sign ups are now open on [community profile] wipbigbang. I've lured in some of you but I know a lot more of you might want to give it a try. Don't know if mine will get picked up for art but that could be fun. Still noodling on my big bad who's being elusive. So if you have something longish you want to finish consider it and pimp it about.

Oh I DID remember one thing I wanted to ask. So my own WIP I'm doing is alternating chapters of several characters. Some first person, some might be in third. Does that irritate you when books do that? Do you not care so long as it at the top of the chapter whose pov it is?

So how about a few writing links since I'm too brain dead for anything else.

Twitter talk about advances and payouts

A Cheat Sheet To Writing A Novel In Suburbia

More Red Pen Praise

And from Betty

A Checklist for First Chapters

Schmoozing for Introverts: How to Network Like a Pro yeah yeah some of you are gonna feel called out

What Will You Sacrifice to Be a Better Writer?


Beta Readers: Who, When, Why, and So What?

Narrating a Close Point of View

PODCAST 214 – Moral Dilemmas
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The Science Day went well. I have to say the projects weren't quite as exciting as last year but on the other hand we had a crap ton MORE 5th and 6th graders and a lot less 9th and above. That was disappointing on one hand but exciting on the other to see the littler kids be this excited about STEM (and hopefully soon that'll be STEAM). I do plan to talk to the organizers and ask just what are the rules given to the teachers because this is the second year we're being told that 'my teacher told me that didn't need to be in there.' And I rather believe the kids because it has to be approved by the teacher before it ends up at this level of competition but most of them were missing lab books, graphs, photos and bibliographies which are mandatory at the State Competition in May (and we sent 30 projects on).

My favorite was the young lady who wanted to help her generation sleep better because cell phones, lap tops and tablets screw up your hormones (Melatonin) with their blue light. She worked with blue light glasses and sleep monitoring apps and had the foresight to wonder if age made a difference, though she thought it would be down to presbyopia so she and I talked about extensions for her project next year. On the other hand I thought the little fifth grader was going to faint on me he was so nervous but he did well (and pronounced shit right unlike my nursing students).

I don't know who won the money prizes. My sugar was still being a dick this morning (It's a little better tonight) so I came home once the judging was done. I'm like the worst judge too. I'm a marshmallow. I scored generous. And we had a bunch of no-shows so I had to pick up all that judging too. Also how to know you're getting old? They had goodie bags for the kids and their parents and had left overs so I took one and I was more excited for the hot/cold gel packs than I was the candy.

I managed to finish and submit my novella Cassadaga Nights (Yeah, yeah ELD, I never did change it) and I revamped chapter one of Splinters, my YA urban fantasy because I want it in hand at the steampunk thing. No one might want to see it but I want it anyhow
But I AM having issues. For some reason stuff isn't saving. thankfully I've been working in the cloud and it's there but I think I'm going to start emailing it to myself too every night.
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My sugar will not stop bouncing like a ball and I'm not sure why but it's nearly 400. Any higher and I'll have to go to the hospital. It probably won't come to that since about all they'll do is give me more insulin. I did that myself. I'll keep an eye on it.

My student's research really came out well today and in talking it over with another professor, I wonder if we can expand this. Eugenol, the active ingredient in clove oil really kills e.coli in our study and it can be used for digestion issues. But now we're wondering would this have issues with killing gut flora.

tomorrow I need to get up ridiculously early to judge the district science fair. It's fun though seeing all the kids' projects. Seriously some of them are better than what my students come up with half the time.

I need to get moving on my cosplay too but first I need submit that novella and fix chapter one of that YA novel so I can pdf it for next weekend.
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Because today was boring and I'm trying to finish the novellas edits so I can post that sucker to the open call.

I wanted to share this. I hope you DO participate. It's earlier this year than last I think. I know I plan to do it. God know I have a huge folder of not-finished Buffy stories.

Join us at [community profile] wipbigbang
Sign up March 23-April 13 and Finish Your Sh**!

This is a Big Bang with one goal in mind: to clean out your drafts folder. These are stories that were unfinished for whatever reason, that authors returned to and completed, and the art that goes with them! All fandoms welcome!

And if you want the schedule you can find it here

And there can be art for the stories. I don't remember putting in for art last time I think I missed a post or maybe I did and there weren't a lot of Buffy fandom people in this or whatever. Here's hoping to see some of you here.
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If my students are the nurses taking care of me. I finished grading the test. On my test the class average was 59% and on their microbiology test my counterpart gave them the average was 57%. 0_o

Seriously WTF. I know what part of the problem is. It's open enrollment (which in one way is very good, no elitism, in another it's bad because if you can fog a mirror you can be in the class, harsh I know but true) and they see a job that pays big bucks in only 2 years (hell they make more than me starting out) and that's a huge lure but they can't grasp that nursing is SCIENCE and MATH. OMG.

I had half the class tell me fertilization happens in the vagina. What? Does the egg roll out of your body then get sucked back in like a fucking turkey baster? Do you not know where your vagina is? Well you think pap smears are for prostate cancer so you're obviously confused.

I'm beginning to think Slayer is going back to the library unread unless things radically change once she realizes she IS a Slayer because telling me how Buffy sucks every other paragraph is getting old (to be fair, I can see why Watchers wouldn't like her per se but my god this is laying it on thick about how much damage Buffy has done to the Watchers themselves and to the world)

So a little more about Joanne. Let's just leave it at my grandma dated a few Mafiosa types in her life. So I'm pulling on that. Of the two other old ladies, the Deadwood woman made all her own party dresses at the age of 102, made herself up with brilliant red lipstick, rogue and nail polish and was married to blue eyeshadow and she danced with every cowboy she could at the No. 10 Saloon (yes the one where Hitchock was killed). All the young bucks adored her, happy to dance with her and make her happy. The other old lady, my patient was 103 and went out every friday to the VFW for dancing, a burger and two beer (just two, she was adamant about that). She was riding motorcycles until her 90s and on the door to her senior apartment had a bumpersticker on it that said born to party. (I want to be her when I'm 103)

I also feel very attacked by tonight's episode of In Pursuit: WIth John Walsh. I do kinda hate when these true crime shows try to draw parallels where they don't exist like being wicca or playing D&D is part of the person's criminal behavior. Tonight they went out of their way to suggest her being a mystery author wanna be with bunches of true crime novels on her shelf to be part of the reason she had her mom in a barrell in the garage. Or maybe I just feel called out because I own every one of the books they showed on TV from her collection (the implication of course that you'd only do that if you had bodies under your house)
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My annual WTF answers I get on the reproduction test for nursing. I have the usual number of dumbasses who think that pap smears detect prostate cancer and that mammograms are for ovarian cancer. They have no clue about the steps of labor or the anatomy of a penis. In spite of going over it multiple times they have no idea how long it takes to build a placenta. I think my favorite mistake was exoplacental juice (kudos for puzzling out exoplacental that's some applied knowledge but the answer was merconium, the first anal discharge).

And these students are in the hospital doing ob/gyn right now. Note to self always be sure your ob/gyn visits are before March or after May when they're out.

My brain is bleeding from grading these things. This is probably why I can't come up with a big bad for my [community profile] wipbigbang (still cheerfully accepting suggestions). And ooh I think I got two other people signed up for this. Come on,you KNOW you want to finish your shit.

And thanks to everyone who explained the Buffy comics canon. Can I just say What the fucking hell? This sounds like such nonsense and I'm glad I never bothered. (and I might turn this Slayer book back in but I'll give it a bit more of a chance).

I did get a little start on my [community profile] fandomtrumpshate story. At least that big bad was happy to introduce itself. Everyone wants to be in this story and I'm trying to shoo some of them away.

I also got a little further in the when holidays attack story. I've introduced Joanne, 103 years young, sort of a compliation of my grandma, one of my patients, and one 103 year old I suspect was a former prostitute in Deadwood given her stories. Joanne has taken a liking to Kane and is lonely, sort of there to interuppt alone time and she knows all the haunts in the hotel (a couple were former boyfriends. Oh wow, I didn't know that until just now...)
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Today's midterm was a brutal killing and I'm betting tomorrow's is worse. As for me I'm trying to get ready for the fact that in two weeks I'll be on an author panel that like 8 people will probably attend but it's still freaking me out.I also have a novella due by the end of next week. Luckily it was done but has been rejected in the past. I'm hoping this might be a good fit for it though.

And a question for those who read the Buffy comics, did the 'loss of magic' start immediately? I know that down the road Willow talked Connor into going to Quor-Toth after some sort of magic (or some nonsense). I'm trying to make sense of this Slayer b ook because chapter one doubled down on Buffy as the villain who 'broke magic' and there is none left in the world (which I still say doesn't jive with Angel season five and I'm struggling to find reasons to keep reading.

ETA - I've picked out my [community profile] wipbigbang which will have sing ups soon. It's 20 year post Angel final (ignoring this asinine magic thing) I know the personal and main subplot.What I need is a Big Bad to hit L.A. something big enough seers are worried. Any thoughts? Anything you'd like to see?

And [community profile] fluffbingo is running again. Sign ups are open.

[community profile] fluffbingo [community profile] fluffbingo [community profile] fluffbingo

And a couple fan vids I wanted to share to the same song (not a song I particularly mind but it works). I remember this first one from YEARS ago and it was redone (still nearly a decade old). Yeah I know Connor isn't most people's favorite but this one is very well done, rendered in black and white with splashes of well-used color. I still find the father-son dynamics compelling (even if that puts me in the minority)

And this one led me to this Drusilla one. Even I, who loved Dru, tend to forget just how damn dangerous she was.

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I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about. It was going to be diversity in fiction but then I got too spun to think. I was spun by two things, one was a bad review that led to the idea we could talk about building a thicker skin and the other thing was learning that one entire building here at my apartment complex is completely empty and there is no plans to remodel and rent. It's just going to be left empty and filled with rodents (which is already is). It sucks. This apartment is actually big and nice but now it's just going to hell and no one cares (this is a tax write off for the people who own it, they don't give two shits). So IF I still have a job in June, I'm going to have to buy a house (there isn't much rental around here)

Then I read the first chapter of Slayer by Kiersten White and the idea of series continuity came up. Why? Because of this passage in chapter one "Magic is still broken, right?"...It's been two months without a drop of magical energy. For an organization built on magic it's not been an easy adjustment....

"Fresh out of batteries and no one can find the right size." Rhys scowls at his text as if insulted by the demon he's reading about. "When Buffy breaks something, she breaks it good."

I have to admit, this confused the hell out of me (and maybe I've not read far enough to figure it out but this is something of a stopper for me). I do know that the idea that Buffy and Willow broke the magic for the Slayer's power to be passed along was what they were after with the final season (leading up to Fray's world) But this makes it sound like all magic is broken. This makes no sense. Season Five of Angel comes after Buffy did this. There's plenty of magic. Spike getting his body back, Fred being turned into Illyria, the Orlon Window and restoring Connor's mind to him, the magics thrown about by Wes, Eve and Lindsey. This seems like a break in series continuity. (Has anyone else read the book)

And sometimes it happens that way. You think of something you should have done but didn't or did something you shouldn't have. I had to put a long author's note in Blood Red Roulette because I screwed up something in an earlier short story. In Hyperion's Son I've gone in and retconned something I changed my mind about 15 years later. But in the real world outside of an author's note (that does make you look a little stupid) you can't breach series continuity.

It helps of course to know you were working a series (Believe me sometimes you don't expect it, looking at you Soldiers of the Sun).

It will change depending on your genre. Mysteries are easier to do in one respect series-wise because you have completed stories every time and about the only thing that changes is the relationships the detective has. Sci-Fi and Fantasy on the other hand often have dozens of plot threads that span multiple books.

The best way to deal with that is to, if not outline, then make notes on what you want to have happen for each character, keep a story diary noting places, character sheets, things that have happened, things that need to happen.

And really Buffy and Angel are good places to look to see this working well and working badly. Angel's curse for example. Angel was never meant to be a recurring character (nor was Spike) and if you look at their histories or how the curse works, you can see the holes (and stupid crap, yes curse we're all looking at you.) Or Josh deciding one character will be gay but not knowing if it was Xander or Willow so it wasn't really built up to in any significant way.

Today we have J.K. Rowling pissing off everyone again with insisting (and basically retconning) Dumbledore and Grisewald were a couple. I think everyone is put up or shut up. Of course, we also have to remember that these books are 22 years old now and no one was going to publish a kid's book 20 years ago with a gay mentor (gay teachers will still being fired for being gay in the 90s and publishers had notations in their guidelines saying no gay characters period not here and if you wrote them elsewhere you're blackballed here, I know this because I SAW those guidelines. Hell I remember everyone shrieking about how Mercedes Lackey killing her career by daring to make Vanyel gay. Hint: she didn't) So yeah maybe there isn't the diversity we want now but trying to retcon it in is also problematic. So maybe we're better off not doing that or do as fans say, write the damn story with them as a couple if that truly was your intent since these days that won't be as much of a no-no as it was in the beginning of the Potterverse.

I even posted a link about handling a series last week or the week before.

I still haven't written enough to put up my word counts because it's been a terrible two weeks writing wise and I need to knock off the shit because I have deadlines, two of them this month!

And now some links from around the web

Your Checklist To Publishing Your Book in 2019

The Most Important Part Of Writing And Publishing A Book

When Is It Time To Consider Yourself A “Real Writer”?

Things I Wish I Had Known Before Self-Publishing My Book
I think I might have shared this before.

And from Betty

Article Writing
Hey this is half the reason I try doing the writerly ways

Five Ways Your Characters Can Acquire Magic Ha, this reminded me of a book I loved when I was young by Hickman and Weis where everyone DOES have magic and our protagonist, Joram was born without (and okay brain you can remember a name from a book you read once in 1987 but you don't know how to work a cruise control you do every day....) Luckily knowing that name got me to the books here Forging the Darksword I'm not sure I remembered it was a trilogy and if I did know it once, I'm not sure I read it or else didn't like the other two books. Looking at the cover, 2 doesn't spark at all but 3 does so maybe I had book one and three but never read the latter because for some reason I didn't have 2...the reason being I was in med school with no time for jack.

25 Ideas for Your Author Blog okay using these for Jana's.

Speaking of her, for another two days DSP is having a Pi day sale, everything 31.4% off so if you ever wanted to sample the pro stuff find it
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Given how many times I spill coffee on me.

Today I trundled to West Virginia to pick up my comics at the new to me Inner Geek (it's in a book store that I go to whenever I'm in Huntington's downtown area). Well that book store has committed itself to being a comic book store in a major way, about a full third to half of it being just that. However, the people working my pull list sure as shit didn't get it right. Luckily Books of Magic and Lucifer, the two I wanted the most were still on the shelf so I didn't miss out. I DID get the new Buffy 2 &3. I'm going to see if I can run down a reprint of #1 online. Yes, I could get all of this online but I like supporting local stuff (not that local, it's 75 miles away but my other closer one (a mere 45 miles) went out.

I was going to stop at Hillbilly Hot Dog but once again you couldn't park not even on the side of the road and some 30 people were standing outside (do play with the link or google the images of this because you know you want to! I love the mothman dog and the coal miner) So I found a new place to eat at Pullmnan Square, Black Sheeps Burritos and Brews. I hit there for brunch and got 2$ mimosas and french toast with whiskey cream and bacon marmalade (and my sugar is STILL paying for it).

Since I made the drive I went to the mall which you would have sworn they were giving shit away with how many people were there (though in a way that's nice to see for the local merchants). Macy's was having a big sale but all I bought was a cute shirt with bejeweled butterflies (things I like, butterflies and bling) Went to dinner at my favorite MExican place (which was festooned with St Paddy's day balloons which made me laugh) and hit books a million for some manga (The Promised Neverland and I thought about Gleipnir which seems like a horror comic. Anyone know anything about it?) That's where I got the road coffee to drive back on, blackberry mocha.

And the top split before I was even on the highway drenching me. My shirt, my bra and my jeans are all brown and hanging in the tub at the moment in the vain hope I can get the stains out. And my molcajete primavera left overs leaked all over the container I have in the back of Goyjo so that's going to need washed out too. Sigh.

ETA - How could I forget that I went to Michael's and now have a ton of stuff to finish my steampunk cosplay including tiny books with gears on them, some crosses and a leather wrap bracelet to dangle the stuff from. I was going to take a friend's suggestion to wrap foam with wood paper like the kind you use in drawers or in scrapbooking. Well I had it all in my cart then I ran across huge wooden knitting needles and a huge wood needle. I thought about the needle but I wouldn't know what to use it for. I didn't get the biggest knitting needles because they would be racking me in the legs on my costume. I had a 50% off coupon so the needles were like 4$ and I can use them to knit or handle them off to a friend. I'm even working it into Concetta's back story. Having them look like knitting needles makes her stakes socially acceptible.

Yep I'm cosplaying my own character. If you want to see the story, Find Concetta's introduction here

Bone tired

Mar. 15th, 2019 08:48 pm
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To the point I'm making careless mistakes, like yesterday when I literally couldn't figure out my cruise control (as if this is somehow new to me). I can't stay asleep and now with yet another 30 degree temperature bounce I'm in SO much pain.

I was considering going to Herdcon at Marshall tomorrow. It's their first pop culture con as I'll be in Huntington anyhow BUT I'm not so sure about it. I will be at the steampunk con in two weeks so I'm probably best conserving my money for that.

And since the pain and exhaustion are high I'm not going to post some of my thoughts because they will be harsher than I want to put out there.

On the other hand I could use some help, some Christmas prompts (especially Christmas gone hilariously wrong).

And here's a fun meme so give me numbers. I snagged this from [personal profile] filigranka

I currently have 250 works posted on AO3 (and wow, Word Count:1048668) Choose a random number—no peeking!—between 1 and 250 and I will tell you three things I currently like about that work.
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which I've gotten from literally everyone.

Rules: Go to your AO3 works page, expand all the filters, & answer the following questions!

What're your 1st & 2nd most common work ratings?

Teen And Up Audiences (198)
Explicit (21)
Mature (19)

I included three because I'm not sure I wasn't using explicit and mature interchangeably.

What's your most common archive warning?

No Archive Warnings Apply (224)
Graphic Depictions Of Violence (15)

Least common archive warning?

Rape/Non-Con (3)

Do you consider yourself an adventurous writer?

I probably am up to a point. I'm willing to tackle a lot of different pairings and scenarios. I've even taken on ones I don't like for friends or charity.

How many works have you made in each pairing category?

Gen (146)
F/M (87)
M/M (14)
Multi (6)
F/F (2)

Is this more accidental, or do you have preferences?

I tend to do more canon pairings than anything else and most of my fandoms have het relationships. And honestly I prefer NON-shippy fiction which is definitely supported by these numbers.

What are your top 4 fandoms by numbers?

Fullmetal Alchemist - All Media Types (134)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV) (46)
Angel: the Series (37)
Saiyuki (9)

Well to be honest these numbers aren't that accurate since I'm only now slowly beginning to move my Buffy and Angel stuff to AO3

Are you still active in any of them, & do you tend to migrate a lot?

I'm a migratory bird. And since I started publishing professionally I've been doing fanfic only around the holidays for the most part. I still noodle around in them though.

What are your top 4 relationship tags?

Riza Hawkeye/Roy Mustang (43)
Edward Elric/Winry Rockbell (29)
Drusilla/Spike (BtVS) (11)
Angel/Buffy Summers (8)

Does this match how you feel about the characters, or are you puzzled?

I'm not sure how I could be puzzled by my own writing. It's not like I'm going to be writing a crap ton of shippy stuff for characters I don't like together. Weird question.

What are your top 2 most used additional tags, & your bottom 2?

Historical (8)
Angel Book of Days Challenge (4)
Season/Series 02 (2)
Season/Series 05 (2)
Crossover (1)
Alternate Reality (1)
Kidnapping (1)
Season/Series 04 (1)
Canon - Anime (1)
Episode: s02e11 Redefinition (1)

Okay I just listed all of them and I think this is totally broken. One I have no idea what the season/series tags are but I'm betting they're NOT mine (maybe from ANgel Book of Days which I did NOT post myself, the person running it posted these years ago). I didn't use the kidnapping one either (Evil Little Dog did on a story we apparently wrote together but I have no recollection of). I KNOW I've used Alternate reality/alternate universe WAY more than this, ditto crossover.

What would happen if you combined all 4 of these into a fic?

Going by what I've actually used myself It would probably be a fanged four meets sherlock holmes and kidnap Irene Adler or something

How many WIPs do you have currently running on AO3? Any you don't plan on finishing?

I have none on AO3. By the time AO3 was up and running I had wised up to putting up WIPs after leaving SO MANY on FFN in the Buffyverse. I'm now trying to pick one to do for [community profile] wipbigbang so yeah maybe I'll finish them one day.

Also I got lucky when I left the writers group meeting. I made it home before this storm hit but the wind was so bad that the pizza box was nearly torn out of my hands when I walked into the apartment.
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What I Just Finished Reading: Hexbreaker by Jordan Hawk and for the most part I enjoyed it but there was something in it toward the end that really made me disappointed in the protagonist.

What I am Currently Reading: I'm STILL reading The Murder Pit which I just can't slog my way through (and I have it to review so I sort of have to). I find it dismal.

What I Plan to Read Next: Another book I have for review

ANd here is some music that really work with SO many characters both original and fanfic for me.

[personal profile] spikedluv turned me onto this one from Adam Lambert

And these two are from Halestorm

And this one could seriously be for so many of my pairings
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I'm exhausted today (sugar is bad) so instead of writing earlier I was busy removing 135 icons from my livejournal. Since I refuse to give them a dime any more I'm down to the 15 you get. BUT I wanted to make sure I have them all saved. The unexpected thing was how the Buffyverse icons shook out. Now I know I have a bunch of them up on an old photobucket I need to raid and pull down to the hard drive but of the ones on the hard drive I have ZERO females by themselves, okay that's a lie, I have one Drusilla in vamp face and that is it. I have a couple Faith/Connor, Dawn/Connors from old RPGS I used to play a decade ago and that's it. But more shocking was GILES is who have the second most of (Connor is not surprisingly the first) I would have said it was Spike but I only have like 6 of him. Blink. More of those must be on that photobucket account (and I've lost a hard drive or two in the 15 years since I've been really active in the fandom).

I'm not sure what's up with my stomach. Okay we all know it's a bad stomach. But apparently it was a bad night because my throat is burned and my mouth is covered with acid burns. Fun stuff.

Things I forgot yesterday a) I hate my hospital's lab because you have to wait in the urgent care for it (ditto if you're waiting on imaging) and everyone there was SO SICK with upper respiratory infections and it was just bad. no face masks and b) the whole celebrity post yesterday formed in my head at Jan Michael Vincent's death because he was one of the first celebrities I boycotted after he beat his lover so badly.

I hate putting titles on things. I SUCK. I have a novella set in the psychic commune of Cassadaga FL. It's a paranormal romance. I want to send it in soon (it HAS to be in next week) and here I am with the crap title of Cassadaga Nights. I want the town name in it but it really has jack all to do with night (I do suppose it sounds like a romance). Bah.

Got midterm grades in. I also volunteered to help with the Out of Darkness suicide prevention walk for the wellness committee.


Mar. 12th, 2019 10:21 pm
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I've been thinking a lot about them lately, more than is usual for me. Mostly it's been the deaths: Peter Tork, Luke Perry, Jan Michael Vincent. It doesn't help that I'm feeling my own mortality now that my friends and I have aged into that time of our lives when we start losing parents, siblings and friends. And then our childhood starts dying off too.

I'll be honest. I'm not much for celebrity and there are very few that would elicit more than oh that's sad. (Leonard Nimoy being one of them) Part of me doesn't want to know that much about them because I'm always afraid that I won't like them or worse, they're going to be someone I hate.

On the other hand, that last thing turns out to be important to me. I do 'vote with my dollars' and I'll be damned if I'm giving money to someone who stands for things I hate. This came up in talking with [personal profile] electric_heart and someone we had liked turned out to be kind of racist (I had forgotten when that news had dropped because he hasn't done anything in a while). I remember being so sadly disappointed when Mel Gibson had his prejudiced melt down and haven't seen a movie of his yet (and that btw is how I learned just how prejudiced Prejudice Girl is, me saying I wouldn't see his movies when she asked about that Jesus one).

So yeah if they are homophobic, misogynistic, racist or just plain batcrap crazy (looking at you Rosanna, I never did like you but how many people are you going to blame for you getting fired?) I do want to know that because I don't want to buy their books/movies/tv shows etc. Other than that I'm probably good.

I would, however, like to know about their projects. For instance [personal profile] evil_little_dog told me I should ask [personal profile] shanachie_quill about Christian Kane's cooking show. I would like to know about that (Also I do love his singing voice but you do have to like country music for that).

I've signed up for Camp Nano in April. Anyone else doing that? Also getting excited for my [community profile] fandomtrumpshate story
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Me, today. OMG enough with the time change (You know this never bothered me until my late 40s).

First off, THANK YOU for all your input on yesterday's writerly ways. It's been helpful.

So let me talk a little today about the epithet and my crown as the queen of them. I'm not sure what my problem with them is. I even tend to think in terms of them. That's one of the things I'm editing out of my old fanfic but I'm just as guilty of using them in my current writing but at least now I realize just how bad they are.

What brought this home was me rereading Hyperion's Son for the millionth time (I know, I KNOW, I said I was done with it). And last night, half way through it again I realize just how many epithets are STILL in the goddamn thing. In this Gunn and Fred have a seven year old son and in one paragraph I referred to him as 'the boy' SIX times, instead of calling him Josh or he.

Now this truly is at least the seventh time through this since August. HOW could I miss so much of this? You know when I first read this I thought, hey you know this thing is still pretty good after all these years. Now I'm looking at it thinking this is such crap.

And epithets are harder to edit out with a global search. It's easy to put 'just' or 'very' in a search and blow them up in draft two. It's going to be a crap ton harder to go searching for 'the man' 'the boy' 'the vampire' and get them all (because they'll belong in some places). This is where having a beta helps (granted the first half of this did have multiple betas but I think we worried a lot less about this 15 years ago)

Ugh, just ugh. Now I have to go through this again.

So what is your writing weakness? How do you deal with them?
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I could really use your help with this topic. Author newsletters are the 'big marketing thing' at the moment but I'm going to be honest, I have my doubts. I've ended up on SO many newsletter lists now that I couldn't possibly read them all and pretty much don't unless it's an author I already really like. And of course I'm considering having my own newsletter because there is that pressure to have one as an author.

That, however, isn't what I wanted to talk about and get your opinions on. A lot of authors share freebies on their newsletters. Now I'm not talking ARC or street team stuff. I don't sign up for those because I know I can't read an ebook fast enough and I wouldn't be pulling my weight as far as that goes. These freebies are either loss leader introductions to a series or a short story set in the novel/series universe.

I'm fine with that, naturally. What's bothering me is that lately (very noticeable since the start of the year) is the nudging I've been getting from the authors that include these things. Hey you, I see you didn't download your story yet. I would hate for you to miss something. Here's the link for you to download it now.

Okay, chances are if I didn't download it, it's because that story didn't appeal to me (not to mention I already have more ebooks than I have years left in my life to read them). I find it both a bit creepy and pushy to be tracked in a way that shows that the software the author is employing can track whether or not I've downloaded the book. It's invasive and in a rather annoy way.

The flip side to this is, I did download it and then within a week I get an email from the author saying something along the lines of 'how are you enjoying my story? Can you please review it?' and often accompanied by a reason why reviews are so important (and okay, to be fair, they are). Even if I did begin reading the moment I downloaded the book, I can tell you a few days isn't long enough for me personally to read because ebooks give me migraines and hurt my eyes. Not to mention again this feels invasive and high pressure. If I wanted that I would have joined the street team where I can see the gentle reminders to read and review since that's the basic contract on offer.

So download or not, it seems like I'm in for 'reminders' either way. I know how I feel about this (like removing myself from these lists) but I know I don't always see things the way others do. So that's what I want to know. HOW do you all feel about it? Would you be okay with these reminders? Would you be annoyed? Would you simply remove yourself from the newsletter mailing? Would you move the author down your 'will buy' list for this? Thanks for any input you have!

And now for some writing links

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How to Use the Uncanny in Your Writing I particularly like this one.

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The Practical Guide to Using Character Archetypes in Your Novel

And from around the web

What Marie Kondo Can Teach Us About Decluttering Our Prose While I don't particularly care for the woman, the article has valid points.

Writing Great Dialogue: Create Power Moments Rich In Subtext

Creating Three-dimensional Villains: Lessons From Buffy and Firefly another really good one

The Post-Publication Blues Let me tell you, they're real!

Do Sales Equal Success?

Authors Interviewing Their Characters: Patricia Harman I honestly love doing this.

Not bothering with the weekly word count update. I only mostly noodled with fanfic since I was on vacation though I did crack out the rough draft of first chapter of Splinters of Silver and Cold Iron (well redone first chapter as this novel has been done for years) so there's that.
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So last night watching TV at [personal profile] evil_little_dog's house there were school closings all over southern IN/KY and that's where I would have been driving today to get home. Then I google my area and it said temps around 35 with a 'wintery mix.' That didn't make me jump for joy. Then coincidentally at one of my early morning pee breaks (the joys of being an aging diabetic) I was awake when I got a text from the sheriff in Jackson to tell me about a level one snow emergency. Um well fuck.

It was raining when I packed the car and checked out. I gave some consideration to staying one more day on ELD's couch but there are things to grade for mid terms on monday. After a yummy breakfast, I decided since it wasn't raining any more, I needed to go home (tomorrow is to be warmer but very very rainy).

And literally that bit of rain when I was packing was it. It was a gray but perfect day for driving and my GPS is on crack. In spite of the addresses being identical to when it took me to KY and on toll roads, this time it took me exactly where I needed to go (Basically I only need it on ELD's end of the journey. I know the roads from here to her town. I'm good with directions.)

I got Kanda who refused to let me pet him in the carrier at the pet lodge. They said he was perfect, running all over the building and one of the girls wanted to take him home. I'm sure they say that to everyone but still it's nice to hear. He cried all the way home and now won't let go of my leg which would be cute but he's been dreaming for over an hour, running against me (oops, he just woke up crying and is trying to sit on my chest but he's 22 pounds and I might die)

It's international woman's day but I had too many hours on the road to be able to do anything for it.

Lazier day

Mar. 8th, 2019 12:30 am
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We stayed closer to home today. We ran out to Newburgh which is a really cute town on the Ohio River. If you didn't know that was a river (which it obviously is. The Ohio is big but not that big) you'd think this was a New England coastal town. It's obviously what they were reaching for and they more or less succeeded.

We mostly went shopping. There was a cute tea shop (because I need more tea) and a couple of bead/gem/new age shops. I picked up a necklace that had a barren tree against the moon which is one of the images that always speaks to me. I picked up a tiger eye worry stone and a little snowflake jasper marble at another.

ELD and I hit a shabu shabu joint for lunch which was pretty enormous. Mine came with a pile of thinly sliced beef. her's came with a possessed hot pot that didn't want to stay on.

We all went out, ELD, her mom and sister, to another restaurant that had a burger I want to attempt at home, covered with an onion/bacon jam, a sweet pepper jam and brie cheese.

Tomorrow I need to drive home. It's supposed to rain and snow so cross your fingers for me.

Watching the dead files and I've met the person with the ghost in Huntington where he's a dentist (or was)


Mar. 6th, 2019 11:38 pm
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[personal profile] evil_little_dog and I went to New Harmony which has a link back to where I'm from in PA, Old Economy (where I set my novella of 1930s demon hunters, The Darkest Midnight in December). It was a utopia set up by George Rapp, head of the Harmonites, who believed in equality (gender, class), they were celibates who believed Jesus was returning post haste in the early 1800s, In 10 years they had built 180 building here on the Wabash River and they were pretty ingenuis like having a moveable building that could be pulled over citrus trees to keep them alive in the winter and because they believed in equality and no one was more important than any other person that when they died they were buried in the orchards, no head stones, basically as fertilizer.

The town was then bought by Owen and MacClure, a couple of Scots who wanted to start their own utopia, only scientific instead of religious. There were two interesting mazes, one of granite based on the one from the Charteres cathedral and another hedge. We also down some of the scientists, Owen, Ribeyre in the cemetery on the ihll.

The town today does have a tour but not at the moment because of the weather. The town is cute and full of shops (like the one where I bought some nice soap or the antique shop where I got the haunted harmony book), there'a an open air church that looks like a mushroom to me. What I really wanted to see but couldn't was the amazing gothic house that was a lab for one of Owen's relatives. The firehouse antique store (which smells of smoke) had the most amazing card catalog (which sadly appeared not for sale) that had pressed iron pulls that were lovely.

Had fun BBQ for lunch and hawg-n-sauce and then went home to watch What We Do in the Shadows which was both weird and funny and just too strange for words.
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[personal profile] evil_little_dog and I headed to Indianapolis which the GPS insisted was only 140 miles which was impossible given it took 3 hours to get there but my confused GPS (and the weird snow squalls of amusing mistiness that weren't supposed to be there at all) was about the only hiccup.

I have to say I'm not sure why the Indianapolis Children's Museum was the one to pick up the Star Trek exhibit but I will say this is a pretty amazing Children's museum. All kids should be so lucky. It had a diversity of exhibits, some very child-oriented like Paws Patrol, others that are science based like a highly interactive Eygptian display and dito a dinosaur exhibit. The curators did an amazing job with that exhibit including getting on loan a mummified duckbill dinosaur so you can see the type of skin it had. Leonardo was pretty magnificiant. There was a dino I had never heard of, a new one, draconex hogwartinus or something like that that truly looks like a little dragon. They had another one with a fossilized brain tumor. Cool. Even cooler, we got to touch a real T-rex bone instead of just a cast.

The Star Trek exhibit was pretty damn fun, heavy on the clothing more than anthing. There was a booth where they splice you into the scene with Khan and you take the place of Shatner screaming his name. ELD has the video of that. We need to share it (might tweet that to Shatner). I was shocked at how heavy Uhura's uniform looked, velour maybe. I loved that they had almost all versions of the show represented from the original to the one streaming now and even the animated one. They even had an exhibit about loving someone who could change gender (the trill) with a picture of the first lesbian kiss on tv (though now some debate if that one counted) but the video parts didn't work...

They have a carousel on the fourth floor from 1917. It's fun with goats and giraffes.

We went to a schezwan place down here and it was tasty.


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